The spot fixing incident in IPL, which has come to light recently, has not only garnered criticism for cricketers Sreeshanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila but have also generated interest among filmmakers to turn the real life story of the cricketers into films.
Reportedly, a film is being planned on Sreesanth. Titled as 'Cricket', the Malayalam film is in its initial phase of scripting.
Sajan is writing the script and Shaji will direct it. According to the makers, the story is going to be about a young talented cricketer, who tastes success in short span of time. The movie will also show his downfall.
Malayalam film on Sreesanth and his involvement in spot-fixing?

The makers stated that the film will be a lesson for the youngsters that hard work is the only means to become successful in life.

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