Within one and a half days (42hrs), more than 1,00,000 people saw ‘Kuliscene in you tube. And now it reach more than 2.5 lakhs visitors in 5 days..
The above statistical report is about the latest super hit short film titled as ‘Kuliscene . Rahul K Shaji is the director of this film where the film actress Vaigha plays the important role. The story is about a young man of Kerala who is going to see a bath scene (‘Kuliscene’) .R J Mathukutty, R J Mithun , R J Shafi , Jins Bhaskar, Jinu Ben are the other actors of this short film.
A Rahul K Shaji Short film
Online Release : Yezmedia

Producers: Shaji Komathattu,Sreekumar, Robin Abraham Koshy

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues - Ajay Stephen

Cinematography- Rajesh Subramanyan

Editor/Colourist/Lyrics -- Aswin Krishna

Background Music,Sound FX,5.1 Mixing - Sibu Sukumaran

Title Song- Sruthilakshmi

Designs- Anoop Kanattil

Art- Midhun Jose

Creative Support -- Aakash George,Nakul K Shaji,Rejith K S

Assistant Director: Amal Dev

Associate Cameraman : Sarath Shaji

Assistant Cameraman: Sharon Sreenivas

Production Controller: Libin Varghese

Finance Controller: Krishnachandran R

Publicity & Public Relations:Rajesh Muricken (yezmedia)

Stills : Jishnu Symphony

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