The movie Bangalore Days, directed by Anjali Menon, rose to popularity after the engagement of Fahad Fazil and Nazriya Menon. They play a couple in this movie too and apparently, the movie became the talk of the town from then. Now, they have released theater cards of the movie of the two. Fahad Fazil posted the official link of the movie on his page. The movie's official page had two pictures saying that the posters will be coming soon. The page wrote: Theatre cards popping up here..Posters coming soon!
Anjali Menon's Bangalore Days Preview
It has also been reported that a scene where Fahad Fazil marries Nazriya Nazim has been shot in the film. So, that means the couple got married in reel life too. Yes, the news was confirmed true, but Anjali Menon, the director of the film, took immense care so that the news will not get leaked at any cost. For the same, she shot the scene only with a few members and that too all of them were asked to keep away their mobile phones during the shot. Fazil announced his son Fazil's and Nazriya's  wedding on a near time when the crew had decided to shoot the reel wedding. So, they had requested Anjali not to spread the reel wedding news too, as it might get clash with the real engagement function. Anjali listened to her senior director and had kept the reel wedding a secret. Dulquar Salman and Nivin Pauly along with Parvathi Menon and Isha Talwar are also seen playing the lead roles in this movie. Most of the scenes are shot in Bangalore and it tells the story of software professionals. Stay tuned to get more updates of the movie.