Shyamdhar’s debut director venture 7th Day is postponed to April 12, due to some technical reasons.  But, the director is not scared that his movie will get doomed. He says that his movie is a feel good suspense thriller.
"It took me a lot of time to work on the script of 7th Day. The movie is not made in a hurry. So I have full confidence of the success of this movie," says Shyamdhar. Adding on, he said that he is not interested to make a statement on Gangster. Mammootty and Aashiq Abu are two well-profound people the industry has known and he is still in his beginning stage.
Prithviraj's 7th Releasing Postponed to April 12 | 7th Day Malayalam Movie Releasing Date
Prithviraj does the role of a 42 year-old police officer David Abrhama. He is a very peculiar type and is too serious. Prithviraj has put in his full commitment in the film and sometimes Shyam felt that Prithvi is more dedicated to the movie than the rest.
7th Day is all about five people. One night things turn somersault for all of them. Things kick start on December 25 and continues till 31st. The end of this chain of incidents happens on the seventh day, says Shyamdhar and that is the movie all about.

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