Dileep who plays the lead role, is an animal trainer in the movie. Keerthi Suresh plays the role of a visually impaired girl, the role which was earlier offered to Mia George who eventually walked out of the movie because of date conflict. Honey Rose in this movie plays the role of antagonist. Dileep falls in love with Keerthi but they have to overcome some obstacles. And Rose’s character creates even more problems for them. So, how they sort out the mess is the story of the movie.
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Director Rafi has done a good job is developing a good script for the movie. But in the capacity of a director, he is well below the standard he had set with his illustrious partner. The acting performance by the lead actor Dileep is also lacking in elements and is drab in some sequences. The lead actresses also don’t fare well in the movie, with Rose delivering a slightly better performance than Keerthi who is barely visible in terms of acting. Overall, a disappointing movie from Rafi.

Critic’s Rating: 6 / 10
Cast: Dileep, Keerthi Suresh, Honey Rose
Direction: Rafi
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes