I think love is a sweet feeling that felt only once in a life.But my friends concept is different they think that love and life both of them are for enjoying.My friend aneesh is such a character he lives only for love,he starts his every day with new girlfriends.He is join in our school in plus one after completing ITI.So he is the eldest one for we all.He tells many stories but we are consider it as the 'retired soldires fake war stories,like a big bomb-blasting.he is act as a leader of our gang of 15 students.At the every classes back benches are creating more problems.In the last bench Aneesh,Abishek,Renjith&Risin,all of them are sitting together.
At in our class in CSE & CIVIL deprtments only 5 girls students are available.But it so different about the case of Agriclture deprartment.In their only 3 boys & "22 girls".What a horrible conditin for us.But i think so that "The God never gives sticks to that peoples,they know to throw the stick ".
At the intervel time,everyday we went to the toilet,not for urin passing.That journies only for watching beautiful girls in the 10th class,it is situated just opposite to our toilet .
At their I felt Love to a girl at first time in my life.she in that class room,Kavya.......
my first love.But she never look at me ever at all.But i love she without saying any thing to she.
One day our Love Guru Aneesh found that,Iwatching she more Specially & he also saw the glittering of my eyes while she is passing through infront of me. One day Aneesh ask me straightly "Are you fall in Love with she".What I say........,I stand one minute for searching an answer in my mind for his question.At last I said the truth.
"Yes da.... I am in Love". My sound is so loud in that time ,it express my excitements.
"Are you told your love to she...?"
"No......,I cann't."
Aneesh took a decision to help me.And he gave me advice ,to go and express my love.But I felt some fear that time.because if she Reject my Love at that time..What I do.?
Suicide.......,No never.
at the next day aneesh come to the college with carry all the informations about Kavya.
She is came from a intermediate Hindu family.Her father Madhavan is a lecturer in a college.She also have a elder brother,manu he is waiting for a job after finishing Diploma course.At last aneesh said "Her family background is not suitable for you.But i am not like to hear any such words because in my mind I placed her photo.I started the Real love.
In every time I thing only about she.I realise that without seeing she i cann't live even a single second.Therefore in sundays I am went to tution centre onlly for watching she,& it was about two 2Km far from my home.But in love it is not a matter for me.I am wiling to go any where for she.I am wiling to do any thing for she,It was my Love.But she dont realise my love.
At a January,a rainy evening I went out from the school at 4pm.That time a lite showering of rain ison the out side.I am wait some time for my friends & I am very dipperessed, because at that day I dont get any chance to see she due to the exam.
After some time we are went to the bus stop,it was 1Km far from our school.In that day my friends all are pushed me to say my Love to Kavya. At last i take a positive decision. I pick a Rose flower for her and express my Love ,Today.
At the busstop I wait for her arrival.At last she come,I felt she is more beautiful today while she is walking through the rain with carry an umberlla. And she is in Red churidar, the colour of love.She crossed the Road and stand to the opposite side of the road.
I crossed the road without looking the traffic.At that time a Fast moving car was came and hit me.I fall into the road.Blood spread & it flows on the road from my head.My eyes are went to sleep.At that time I saw through my eyes,she is running towards to me & she take my head into her lap. I realize that she is crying for me.My eyes are getting to close.At that time I hear her sound, "I Love You da.........",At The End Of My Life, I won.......I Won her LOVE. And I dead for take a new life to live with she & OUR LOVE.................
by "FUTURE CREATER" ( < deepuputhoor > )
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