Infosys Campus Interview Sample Papers


(1-5 questions) Some directions problems followed by 5 questions .

(6-10questions) You will be given 5 figures you have to pick the odd one out.(You find these in RS AGARWALS VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL REASONING).


(15-20 questions) Some population prob with some data given followed by 5 questions.

(20-25 questions) FAMILY RELATIONS problem with some conditions followed by 5 questions.

(25-30 questions) Some problems which can be solved using VENN diagrams.(refer VERBAL REASONING from CAT material).


(1-5 questions) Reading Comprehension.

(6-10 questions) Reading Comprehension.

(10-20 questions) A paragraph with a missing statement which should be selected from the options given below.

(20-30 questions) A statement in which some part is highlighted and we should choose the appropriate substitute for that from the options .

(30-40 questions) Inferences from passages (RS AGARWALS VERBAL AND NON VERBAL REASONING).

We received paper with old pattern… and I m posting it anyway.. in case it helps.. but there s no guarantee about the pattern… so be prepared for both…

1) Azhar scores 26 runs less than Dravid, Dravid scores these many more than Jadeja, and so on for 5 players….And were asked to find total runs scored.

Simple Equations lead to individual runs of players and answer was deduced..

It came 338 in our case… (3 marks)

2) There are three triplets to a couple: Annie, Fanny and Danny. The couple finds dirty footprints on the floor of kitchen. All of them have same foot size, so they ask them who did it. To which they replied:

Annie: I didn’t do it

Fanny: Danny did it

Danny: Fanny is not lying

Out of three kids, only one of them is saying truth.

Whose footprints were on the floor??? (4 marks)

ANS: annie

3) A guy has got some x bucks with him….. gives half of it plus 2 to some shop…. Again gives the half of the remaining plus five to some other shop… and finally he has Rs.5 remaining… find x..

ANS: I got it 44..(check it)

4) Trains start simultaneously from station X and station Y and heads towards each other… if 5 hours is the time to reach the other station, how many trains pass by each one…?

ANS: I got it 9 hours (check this too)

5) There are five persons in an office in the post of buyer, clerk, footwalker, manager,cashier. Allen, Benett, Clark, Ewinger, Davis holds the post. Among the 5 two have their lunch time from 11:30 - 12:30 and the rest have it in 12:30 - 1:30

Mrs Allen and Mrs Benett are sisters.

Cashier and clerk share their lunch among themselves.

Two Bachelors share their rooms.

Davis and Ewinger do not face each other from the day Davis reported Ewinger to the Manager when he returned from lunch and found out that Ewinger has already left for lunch before time. --> 8 marks

6) Find the next term of the series:
a) 1,2,3,5,16,__
b) 1,2,3,8,__,224


a) 231 (2^2 - 1^2 = 3, 3^2 - 2^2 =5, ......16^2 - 5^2 = 231)

b)27 (2*1+1=3, 3*2+2=8, 8*3+3=27)

7) no divisible by 3,4,5,7 &is less than 500. (question s asked in some other way) (ANS:420) 3marks

8) find a taxi no. which leaves one as remainder with 2,3,4,5,6 and is divisible by 11..

ANS: 121

9) X Y Z X Y Z
+ A B AND - A B
--------------- ---------------
Find X,Y,Z,G.

9 4 5 9 4 5
+ 7 8 AND - 7 8
--------------- ---------------
1 0 2 3 8 6 7

X=9, Y=4, Z=5, G=6.

10) someones driving a car.. sees a mile stone with a two digit no. on it (km)… after one hour sees a mile stone with the same digits but in reversed order… again after one hour he sees the no. back again wid a 0 in the middle.. find the speed of the car..

ANS: 45km/hr

Re: Why do u like to join the bpo
BPO - Business Process Outsourcing.
It's a good industry. I can get good atmosphere and
experience as well.
BPO is a booming industry. A person can get good money as
well as good position in the BPO.

Infosys Campus Interview Questions Written Exam Pattern Books
Infosys Campus Interview Written Questions Exam Pattern Books Study Materials

India's Top IT Company Infosys is planning to recruit 19000 employess through campus recruitment program. With the revival of economy almost all top IT companies of India are planning to recruit freshers through campus recruitment process.This year IT industry is aspected to recruit 98000 software professional. Gartner estimates that India's domestic IT market will grew by 19-20 percent.

Campus Interview selection process: Selection process starts with a 20 minute PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) presentation by
Infosys HR guys about the company. After the presentation you will be asked for Written Aptitude Test and HR Interview.

Written Test Pattern: Written Test consists of
1) Test of reasoning, 30 questions, 40 minutes
2) Verbal Aptitude, 40 questions, 35 minutes

Campus Interview Sample Papers:
You can get Infosys interview question papers:

Recommended Books:
A Modern Approach To Non Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
A Modern Approach To Verbal Reasoning (Fully Solved) R.S. Aggarwa

HR Interview Questions: In the HR interview you may be asked following:
Tell us about yourself
What do you know about Infosys
Why should we hire you
What difference do you bring if we hire you

About Infosys

Infosys started on July 2, 1981. The Infosys is one of the famous IT (information Technology) company in India. N R Narayana Murthy launched a software development company, called Infosys Consultants Pvt. Ltd along with others persons like Nandan Nilekani, Kris Golapakrishnan, N S Raghavan, S D Shibulal, Ashok Arora and K Dinesh. N S Raghavan is the first employee of the Infosys. Infosys is started with the capital of rupees 10000 only.

In 1993 the share rate of Infosys is just 95 rupees and after the next 6 years it reaches to 8100 rupees. IN 1999 Infosys share is one of the more costly shares in the market. Infosys is then arrived in the list of 20 biggest companies on NASDAQ in terms of market capitalization, and it is used to stay behind the big names like Adobe Systems and Novell.

Infosys Technologies Ltd. was the only one Indian company which had won the prestigious Global MAKE award for the three consecutive years in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

The Infosys is providing world wide services. The Infosys is linked with 22 countries and providing multinational IT services. Infosys Technologies Ltd defines the technology, design it and deliver it to the various clients in the world.

One of the major goals of Infosys Technologies Ltd. is its Global Delivery Model (GDM).

One of the achievements in software industry of Infosys is its highly innovative solution for the banking industry known as "Finacle".

Infosys was among the list of world's 5 best performing companies in software and services sector by Forbes in April 2009.

Infosys is offering a range of solutions to its customer whole over world. It is offering solutions to many of industries. Infosys Technologies offers services to many of the industries like Aerospace and Defense, Communication Services, Banking, Markets etc.

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Whatever the pattern .. the interview s going to be the same… and the only thing
that’s going to impress them s your ATTITUDE… so make sure u r CONFIDENT, SPONTANEOUS, ACTIVE and CHEERFUL throughout the interview, no matter how hard the things go…

And have with yourself some hard core data about the company…

All the Best