This is a story is happened in 2-3 years back........ this story is starts at a small village in the kollam district. Arun, he is born in a high family.His father is working at acollege as a senior proffessor.And his mother is also working as a high school teacher.A well living family.Arun is the only son of both of them.
He is grew up with a very strict and loving care of his parents.He finished his 10th and +2 with a high mark percentage.
He is aperfect student for all the teachers and also he is a perfect friend for all of his friends.He is a star of his school,but he dosn't have any girlfriends at all,
after completion of +2,he get a vaccation of 3 months.In that time one important incident happend in his life,it change his life completly.
In the vaccation time he is going to the nearest temple everyday.One day he beat a girl by unknown when walking throgh the steps beside the temple.When he beat with she the flower case from her hand is fall in down,he pick the case and flowers suddently & gave to she and also say
"sorry......i don;t see you"........
the answer of the girl is a cute smile. After that incident they both are look each other when meet in temple.When she smiled arun feels that,he is flying through the heaven.After a lot time of period he realise that he is in love,but he doesn't say any word to she.Only he gave smiles to she.
Butafter a long preparation he express his love to her and she accept it.There a deep love growing with each other,her name is kavya.
But there is a sudden change occures in their life,arun get an Engineerin addmission at Tamilnadu.
after a short period of love arun went to tamilnadu before that he say his friend hari to take care of kavya.
When he was in college he call kavya every day.He spend lots of money for the phone calls. Also arun send money to hari's bank account and say him to buy and give gifts and dress to kavya.
after one year the number of phone calls from kavya decreases.And also she dosen't attend arun's calls and she gave some simple escusses to him when he ask about it.
At that time in the collge,there are lots of love relations starts and grew up with boys and girls.But in that some of the girls opposes the love,they hate campus love. That seven girls made a gang named 7stars,that means Geetha,Leena,Ann mery,Sangeetha,Teena,Eleena and Charmy.
jithin & mahi both of them are good friends and they came frome same places,adoor.
Jithin's cousin calls him through mahi's mobile by using ann's mobile.Mahi loves ann but he doesn't say any thing to her.One day mahi is in a journey he get a miscall from ann's mobile. He call back ann take the call and she replid tat,"teena called jithin, but she is now at bathroom" they both talk sometimes.
after that mahi call ann & ann calls mahi for just friendship.One day mahi realise that,he loves ann. He say the love to ann,but she regect his propose,after that mani doesn't talk to her because her friends say to him that ann's marriage is fixed with a christian boy ,it will conduct after the completion of her BE course,after all mahi is a hindu boy.
after six months 7-STARS GANG collapsed all of the members of the gang falls in love except ann.
But even in that time Arun become more desperate.Kavya never call him,and when he call she cuts his calls.One day arun take leave and went to the native place.He came back withh in two days.After that he doesn't talk to anyone.In that night he went out fron the hostel without take any permission. The next day starts with the news of arun's unexpected death. he done suiside in the railway track in previous night.A lot of time take his friend to realise the reality.He done suiside because kavya and his friend hari made a love relationship between them,both of them cheats Arun.
after 6 months hari killed by a bike accident and kavya dead by the suiside..Hero,Heroin,Antihero all are dead..... But now here in our college all are in love ann and mahi stars lone each other. As the wish of Arun ,here nobody say no to love.
(The character names in this story are not real but the story is purely based by a real incident that happend in my life)