The dream comes true for our Lalettan as his new Movie Swapnamalika is releasing on this January 28th. The main attraction of the movie is the story which was written by our Superstar Mohanlal itself. As an actor, Mohanlal has already proven his tallents and he is now experimenting with his story. The screenplay of the movie swapnamalika is done by Suresh Babu while K.A Devarajan is the director of swapnamalika.

Swapnamalika's story is about a famous doctor Appu Nair Pallat who comes from US, to New Delhi for a medical conference. He undertakes a train journey to Varanasi, to do the last rites of his father. On the train he meets Radha Karmel who is going to do the last rites of her husband. Appu makes a friendship with Radha which takes him on a journey to Kerala, where they discover new facets to their relationship.

Heroine of the film is Ileana from Israel,new to molllywood. Ileana who came to Mumbai from Tel Aviv was working there as a model when director Devarajan spotted her. She has undergone a crash course in acting and is doing a very crucial role in the film. The film is being produced by Karimbil Films, camera is by Venu, and music by M.G Sreekumar.