Shankaranum Mohanum Movie Review

Shankaranum Mohanum

Art house director T V Chandran’s new movie 'Sankaranum Mohananum' has a very interesting premise about the undying love of a 'dead' soul towards his wife. Jayasuriya is cast in a double role as brothers, Sankaran and Mohanakrishnan,who has more than a ten years difference in age. Mohanakrishnan is a fashion photographer currently living in Kochi. Though immensely successful in his profession, he had just relocated from Mumbai following his separation from his wife , Jyotsna Mathew (played by Rima Kallingal) and his only child, Ammu.

Sankaran, Mohanakrishnan's elder brother, a school teacher in Malabar in his 50's, suddenly decides to marry his colleague's young daughter Rajalekshmy , in order to help his colleague who is hit by a stroke and is bedridden. As he sees Rajalakshmi, he immediately falls in love with her. But fate has its say as he is bitten by a snake on the very first day after his wedding. Though Sankaran dies, he refuses to leave the world and appears before Mohanakrishnan in various pretences, pleading with him to talk to his wife and inform her that he is still around.

Mohanakrishnan is scared at first but slowly reallies the situation and tries to do all as per his brother's wishes.But as another person Sahadevan(Sudheesh) has now come up to marry the widowed Rajalekshmy, Sankaran's soul is asking Mohanankrishnan to somehow evade the marriage. The movie goes on to tell how the 'undead' brother changes the life of Mohanakrishnan, who is left in the tussle between the demands of the living and the dead..

The movie offer Jayasuriya, a rather difficult role which needed him to change the shoes of both the characters, the real Mohanakrishnan and the apparition of his brother,at regular intervals. The actor has lived up to the challenge of playing these contrasting roles, with needed impact. In fact, more than sixty percent of the movie just feature the two in dialogues.Apart from his character, the others in the screen have minimal impact.Suraj and Reema are in undemanding roles, might have been included mostly due to commercial pressures. Meera Nandhan just manages to be in the demands of the character, and also in the screen space are Jagathy, Sudheesh, Kalpana and Manikantan.

Pradeep nair's camera is topnotch with some brilliant visuals,and venugopal's editing is also ok .Issac Thomas Kottukappaly, the year's National award winner has also created some engaging BG scores sound design.The double-role techniques are reasonably well and good in the initial reels, but in the late half, the execution of some sequences needed much more perfection.

Sankaranum Mohananum' jointly produced by Prem Prakash's Prakash Movie tone and Raju Mallyath's Ragam Movies,


Jayasuriya, Reema Kallingal, Meera Nandan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sudheesh, Indrans, Lalu Alex, Bijukuttan, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Kochu Preman, Ambika, Roslin, Nandhu