'Mammootty's Onam release'

'Shikari' to be Mammootty's Onam release'

Fans of Mammootty were in for a big disappointment, when they heard that the much expected 'The King and the Commissioner' would not be released for Onam.Now, however, they can heave a sigh of relief. the Megastar would indeed have a release during the festive season.Its learned that 'Shikari', Mammootty's bilingual film is hastily being readied for a release during Onam. The film has Mammootty playing a double role - that of a tiger hunter who lived during the 1940's and a software engineer in the 21st century.Poonam Bajwa is Mammootty's heroine in 'Shikari'.The film is being directed by young award winning director Abhay Simha. Mammootty plays the role of an IT professional who finds a half-written novel set in the pre-independence era. The novel is about a hunter and a village girl. What makes the story more interesting is that Mammootty also plays the central character (the hunter) in the novel.It will be a treat for Kannada audiences to watch Mammootty in action. Mammootty has earlier spoken Kannada dialogues for the Malayalam film Vidheyan (The Servile) directed by Adoor Gopalakrishanan.