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It has been some time since Prashanth was seen on the silver screen. He is back with 'Mambattiyan', remake of a film that spurred his father Thyagarajan to new highs.
The decision to choose a story that propelled his dad to stardom over a couple of decades ago, would have not been a difficult one but it remains to be seen if it has the same impact as the original ('Malaiyur Mambattiyan' featuring Thyagarajan).
It is a star-studded cast which includes Meera Jasmine, Vadivelu, Prakash Raj, Mumaith Khan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vijayakumar, Manobala, Kalairani and Riyaz Khan.
The story goes like this: A landlord (Kota Srinivasa Rao) rules a village in western Tamil Nadu. When he is opposed by Mambattiyan's father (Vijayakumar), the 'jameen' kills him. Coming to know of this, Mambattiyan kills the influential person and those in support of him.
A group of youngsters in the village join hands with Mambattiyan. They lead a life in a forest. By robbing the rich and distributing the wealth to the poor, Mambattiyan becomes the local Robin Hood.
Meanwhile, police forces led by DIG Ranjith (Prakash Raj) go from pillar to post to nab Mambattiyan. This is the start of a cat and mouse game between the two. Also, Mambattiyan has romance in the form of Kannathal (Meera Jasmine).
Prashanth lends solidity to the character. From his tough looks to the emotions he spills on screen, the actor announces his comeback in a big way. Giving him good company is Meera Jasmine. Vadivelu's role doesn't have much of an impact. Prakash Raj is good choice as a police officer.
Thyagarajan, who donned the title role in the original has taken care of the story, screenplay, dialogue, production and direction, and must be said has tried to best to revive the flagging career of his son.
Camera work by Shaji Kumar is worth a mention and the music is scored by S Thaman, editing is Donmax, special effects by Prashanth himself.
Prashanth had been struggling to re-establish himself after a series of flops and personal life setbacks. Then came ‘Ponnar – Shankar’ a film that gave hope to this highly talented actor. And, here is his big film ‘Mambattiyan’ to ensure a second stint in the industry. Thanks to Prashanth’s father Thiagarajan, who has put his blood and soul to make this remake movie a super action packed thriller!
‘Mambattiyan’ tells the same story of ‘Robin Hood’ hero Mambattiyan (Prashanth) what Thiagarajan did in the 1983 movie ‘Malaiyur Mambattiyan’. The humble young man of Malaiyur village is dragged into a hard situation when his father Chinnasamy (Vijaykumar) is killed by greedy and wicked local landlord Periya Panna (Kota Srinivasa Rao) in a fued. Now, Mambattiyan has the responsibility of protecting the village people from the landlord and also to take revenge for his father’s killing. He gathers a group of youngsters and starts a life in the woods from where he does the Robin Hood act doing good deeds to the village people. The ‘Robin Hood’ is also wooed by a village girl (Meera Jasmine). The DIG Ranjith (Prakash Raj) is assigned the task of nabbing Mambattiyan. The encounters between Mambattiyan and DIG form an interesting part in the screenplay. And, how Mambattiyan eludes from the police wing and revenge the baddies for disturbing his family and what happens to Mambattiyan in the end is the climax that should be watched on silver screen.
Prashanth as Mambattiyan has done an extraordinary performance. He outshines his father’s performance in 80s film at places.
Meera Jasmine is fresh and cute, and she fits the character reprising the memorable role done by Saritha in the original. Vadivelu has reprised the popular village minor character of Goundamani, and he has done it in his own style. Sure, ‘Mambattiyan’ will be the re-entry movie for Vadivelu. Mumaith Khan sizzles and also touches our heart with her character role that Jayamalini did in the 80s film.
Though ‘Mambattiyan’ is the same as ‘Malaiyur Mambattiyan’ in respect of the story the makers have given a new look with many fresh ideas in the screenplay to suit it to the present milieu.The big credit for the success of the movie should go to Thiagarajan. His hard work is seen in every frame of the film.Music is by Thaman. Songs are already a hit and background score is a big strength for the movie. Silambarasan has sung the title song remix ‘Kaattu Vazhi…’ The original song in the voice of Thiagarajan is a good number that lasts in our mind even after we leave the theatre, especially the song ‘Chinna Ponnu Sela…’!
Camera work by Shaji Kumar is another pillar of strength of ‘Mambattiyan’. Don Max’s editing could have given some more cuts.
Overall, ‘Mambattiyan’ is a film that is sure a watchable.

CastPrashanth, Meera Jasmine, Prakashraj, Mumaith Khan
Director - Story - ScreenplayThiagarajan
BannerLakshmi Shanthi Movies
CinematographyShaji Kumar
EditingDon Max
Release DateDecember 17, 2011

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