Mohanlal's two Movies in April-27

It was earlier reported that Superstar Mohanlal's B Unnikrishnan movie 'Grandmaster' is all set to release by this April 27, 2012. Not everyone might have considered the fact that it's the same date on which Mohanlal's Bollywood film 'Tezz' is also getting released. If the current status doesn't get changed, then after a very long time, it will be Mohanlal v/s Mohanlal on April 27th.

This time, there is a slight difference in the case since the Bollywood movie 'Tezz', directed by Mohanlal's close buddy Priyadarshan will only have Mohanlal playing a very short but crucial role, that of a British Police Officer, with an Indian origin. But in 'Grandmaster', Mohanlal is in the lead role, that too of a Police Officer, who is very much intelligent as well as powerful.

Mohanlal is said to be in 'Tezz' for just about 5-10 mins but it won't have any effect in his die hard fans since they are to celebrate their idols appearance in each and every movie, even if it's a cameo. The makers of 'Tezz' will definitely stick on with the releasing date of April 27 and it is interesting to see whether the makers of 'Grandmaster' will go for another releasing date or not..