Ram Charan’s Racha in Malayalam Titled as Raksha

Starring: Ram Charan Teja,Tamanna,Ajmal
Director: Sampath Nandi
Producer: N.V.Prasad,Paras Jain
Banner: Mega Super Good Films PVT LTD

Music: Mani Sharma

Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Milky white beauty Thamanna starrer Racha movie releasing today (April 5 2012) on grand scale. Apart from these two the film cast, Ajmal Ameer, Mukesh Rishi, Nazar, Brahmanandam in the lead.,


Movie starts with a bomb blast scene in a village.Ramcharan is raised by M.S.Narayana  who passes time by playing cricket in village with girls, now gets serious and takes up the challenge of a guy, The bet is to make Tamanna love charan .Charan enters into medical college in doctor getup (imitating chiranjeevi in Shankar Dada MBBS) and meets Rangeela (Brahmanandam) who came from USA.Charan succeeds in his attempt to make tamanna love him .Story takes an interesting twist when Tamanna’s father (Mukesh Rishi) tries to kill her and this is the interval point.

Second half opens with the real story and after sometime, bamboo forest fight comes up, which is shot breath takingly.
Singareni Undhi and Vaana Vaana songs are well placed and movie moves towards pre-climax.
Why did mukesh rishi try to kill tamanna and what is their flashback ?These key plots are well narrated on screen.Climax fight is a high voltage one and lives upto the expectations.

Performance :

Charan was at his best in body language, dialogues, dances and fights.Especially when he imitates Chiranjeevi in few scenes and songs, he generates great response from fans.Tamanna matched charan with her looks, performance and dances.

Techinical aspects:

Director Sampath Nandi went through the beaten track of chosing romance, comedy and songs in first half and revealing main plot in second half.Though his screenplay was slow at times, he managed to pickup when required.

Highlights of this movie are stunts, dances and background score.Fight are awesome, especially the bamboo fight in China in the second half is superbly executed.Music by mani sharma is plus for the movie, Vana Vana song is a highlight to watch on big screen .


Racha storyline is surely exciting. The characterization of hero and his goal  Despite having a solid story, the director faltered with the screenplay. First half of the movie is entertaining and up to the mark,  interval point is exciting.

Second half is completely on mass approach with fights and Vana Vana song is refreshing .  The film has been dragged a bit in this part. Few scenes clicked and sustained the interest. There are few twists thrown in to the narrative towards the end and they are fine.The climax fight is a let down compared Bamboo fight.On a whole Racha is Mass entertainer .


Entertaining movie for fans and mass masala movie lovers.

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