Allu Arjun Injured in Julayi Sets

Though a film’s duration is for two plus hours a lot of efforts and hardwork goes behind it and even the heroes of the film are no exception. And for stars who have to please their fans, they have to put their skin out to ensure that they deliver the best. And that comes with a price quite often.
We are talking about Allu Arjun and the news is that he hurt his back yet again. Sources say this happened during the song shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Julaayi’. Buzz is that he was pumped up to perform a difficult move composed by Jaani master and ended up hurting his back badly.
However, unit members reveal that Bunny kept the pain aside and reported within a week to complete the shooting. Already, he has a history of hurting himself during the shooting of ‘Arya’ and ‘Badrinath’. He also underwent a shoulder surgery in Australia which kept him out of action for quite a while.
Sources say the song from ‘Julaayi’ was being made with a budget of Rs 65 lakhs and his prompt dedication saved the day for the producers.

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