Mohanlal's Spirit First Review and Story line

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He proves "Wine is not a Botteled Poetry, And he proved Wine is the Sudden poisson in life". For the lovers of good movies and the followers of new trends in malayalam movie world.
Spirit is a 2012 malayalam film written and directed by Ranjith.Mohanlal plays the lead role in the movie along with Kanika,Madhu,Thilakan,Shanker Ramakrishnan,Suraj Venjarumoodu, Nandu, Kalpana. The last movie of Ranjth and Mohanlal was ‘Rock n Roll’ and the film busted in the box-office.
SPIRIT presents real life situations with more scope for acting rather than for stunts. In fact Ranjith has been coming out with such films for some time now and he has been faithful to the pattern once more.
Reghunandan (Mohanlal) is an ex-Bank of England employee who resigned his job  because he was bored with the nature of his work. Having lived in  different parts of the world , he chose journalism as his next career  and worked in different metropolises in India. Not satisfied, he quit the job yet again  and is now writing an English novel. He is essentially a loner but loves his pegs and  has an expensive collection of vintage drinks at home. Captain Nambiar(Madhu) is his  next door friend. So also is Meera(Kanika) and her husband Alexy(Shanker Ramakrishnan).  Strange as it might seem, Meera was once married to Reghunandan. And then Mani, the  plumber enters Reghunandan’s relaxed and comfortable life and changes everything,  bringing some meaning to his life.
First half moves thorough several satirical comedies with the Ranjith flavour ,and Mohanlal once again rocking as the drunken comedian.Most of the comedies in the first half kept the movie alive and moved on to a comparatively serious 2nd half.The movie becomes a bit serious here and drags a bit into the climax where Ranjith signs off with his manly voice.
The film depends heavily on Mohanlal’s histrionic skills to be convincing and it works.  It is this effortless and natural performance that gives Spirit the lifeblood. Among the  supporting cast, Madhu as Captain Nambair gives ample support , but the person who  really keeps our attention riveted to the screen is Innocent. It has been a long time  since he has portrayed such a character, but here he gets a chance to bring back the  memories of vintage Innocent that we fondly remember.
Thilakan is super and comes up with a controlled and riveting performance. Kanika  may not have much screen time for a leading lady but her performance is good. Shanker Ramakrishnan looks convincing with his style, mannerisms and  dialogue delivery. Suraj Venjarumoodu, Nandu, Kalpana, Sidharth Bharathan, Lena,  TP.Madhavan come up with fine performances.Every member of the cast shines in his/her role, the length  of the role notwithstanding. Shahabaz Aman’s music , Santhosh Raman’s art work and Venu  in camera also give apt support to Ranjith in bringing out a memorable movie, which may  equal his bests.
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