Mohanlal in Major Ravi’s Karma Yodha

Mohanlal will be seen again as an investigation officer role in Major Ravi’s next movie, Karma Yodha. Mohanlal – Major Ravi team had produced many box office hits, however their last outing Kandahar did not do well as expected.
Here they are coming together once again to tell the story to of a missing girl, where Mohanlal will be seen in the role of the officer who is trying to find out this missing girl. The film will have three heroines, and the film expected to shoot in locations like Mumbai, Nagarkovil, Munnar and Kochi. The film expected to starts its shooting in August.
Movie stars the young actor Rajeev Pillai as an important role, youngster Rajath Menon also will be seen doing a good role.

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