Music director Sathya recommends Iniya for new films

Music director Sathya recommends Iniya for new films?Music director Sathya debuted in films with last year’s super-duper hit film Engeyum Eppodhum (EE).  The film, directed by debutant director Saravanan and produced by A.R. Murugadoss, turned out to be a runaway hit thanks to its different by the director, compelling performances by the lead cast and some melodious numbers and background score by Sathya.
Sathya has now rechristened his name as Sathyamurthy and is said to be throwing ‘tantrums’ with the producers and directors approaching him to sing him up for their future projects.  Usually, music directors listen to the story or script from the directors and plan about what could be the songs and the background score, etc.

Sathya, however, has started making suggestions to the directors to change the ‘title of the film’ and its ‘script’, which is out of the domain of a music director.  As if these suggestions are not enough, of late, Sathya has also started making another suggestion-cum-recommendation which has really startled producers and directors approaching him.

He has been asking them to cast Ineya (of Vaagai Sooda Vaa and Mounaguru fame) as the heroine of films for which he is asked to score music.  He is also said to be putting it as a pre-condition which hasn’t gone down well with film-makers who want to know what is the ‘connection’ between Sathya and Ineya!

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