Best Movies of 2012

best movie 2012

2012 is a biggest lucky year for malayalam film industry more than 100 films released in this year and over 25% of the movies are box office hits.
As per the Voting conducted in our entertainment website and facebook,twitter,myspace...
There are thousands of peoples voted for their favorite movie till the by all social media results these following movies are in top positions.

       1.  SPIRIT

     Spirit is a classical movie Directed by Renjith, this movie tells the after effects of continuous usage of alcohol, and its adiction problems. Mohanlal done the lead role in it. Kaniha , Sankar Ramakrishnan, Madhu are the co stars.
VOTES : 27%

       2.  ORDINARY

     Ordinary is the super duper box office hit of the year a new director Suggeth done the film and Kunchakko Boban, Biju Menon, Asif Ali, Ann Augustin are in lead roles.
VOTES:  21%

       3. USTAD HOTEL

       Its the second movie of Dulquar salman, son of mammoootty. Its directed by Anwar Rasheed and written by Anjali menon. Nithya menon, Thilakan, Sidhiqq are in lead roles.
VOTES: 19%

      4.  22 FEMALE KOTTAYAM

         Its a female oriented subject directed by Aasiq Abu. Fahad fazil , Rima Kalllingal are in lead roles.


         Its a dectative movie directed by B. Unnikrishnan. Mohanlal, Narrain, Jagathy. Anoop Menon, Priyamani are in the lead roles.
VOTES:  12