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At last Mohanlal - Major Ravi Teams Karmayodha hits the theaters on today.
The investigative thriller focuses on human trafficking of young girls. Madhava Menon(Mohanlal) known as Maddy & Mad Menon by his colleagues initiates the investigation of abduction of girls trapped by the mafia behind. The film attempts to make the society aware how kids are trapped by the mafia groups taking advantage of technology like mobile phones. Involved with child trafficking, the movie dwells into the flesh trade booming in the International scenario. 
The film also throws light on the diminishing joint family system in the society. Stressing that when the society moves on with Nucleus Family Culture, what is getting de - rooted is the bonding between the family members and the security that they offer with love and affection to the future generation. The movie in the backdrop of human trafficking and a thick family drama leaves a message to the society in the end.
The film premiered on December 20 at Dubai. It released world wide on December 21, 2012 as a part of the Christmas celebration.

The film has three heroines, and is being shot on location at Mumbai, Cochin, Munnar and Nagercoil. Filming began in August 2012. This film will not have the military backdrop that had characterized all other Mohanlal–Major Ravi films, such as Keerthi Chakra,Kurukshetra and Kandahar. The pooja was held on Saturday, 7 July 2012 at the BTH Sarovaram Hotel in Cochin, India.

Mohanlal in the lead appearing as an encounter specialist is about girls getting kidnapped – it's on human trafficking. along with Rajeev Pillai, Biju Menon, Mukesh, Aishwarya Devan, Sona Heiden in supporting roles. while Murali Sharma would be playing a role with negative shades.
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