Athe Mazha Athe Veyil malayalam movie review

Debutante director G Manu directs 'Athe Mazha Athe Veyil' that has Anoop Menon and Lena doing the lead roles.
Athe Mazha Athe Veyil narrates the story of a family and the problems faced by its members. Here, both the husband and the wife are government employees. 

Raghuraman (Anoop Menon) and Sreelakshmi (Lena) work in government offices and their work schedules have become so busy that they find very little time to spare for their only son..
Athe Mazha Athe Veyil
Sreelakshmi finds her husband's attitude as indifferent, and accordingly, she gets even more demanding. She insists that her husband should co-operate even more in the household chores, and not just leave her alone to do all the work by herself. Raghuraman refuses to comply with his wife's demands and this gradually leads to a rift between the two. In the clamor to establish their own territories right, they forget about the one soul who has got caught in between - their son.

Rajeev Vijay has handled the camera. Vnugopal is in charge of editing. Mullanezhi has penned the lyrics, while Rajesh Mohan has composed the musical score.

'Athe Mazha Athe Veyil' is complete, and the film is fast getting readied for release.