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Bavuttiyude Namathil is a 2012 Malayalam drama film produced and written by Ranjith, directed by G. S. Vijayan, and starring Mammootty, Kavya Madhavan, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Kaniha, Rima Kallingal and Vineeth. The film was earlier titled asMalabar. Ranjith - Mammootty team's previous films Kaiyoppu, Paleri Manikyam andPranchiyettan & the Saint has enthralled the viewers through the variety in theme which it handled. The film is getting positive reviews all over kerala
G. S. Vijayan makes his comeback after a hiatus of 12 years through Bavuttiyude Namathil. The film released on December 21, 2012.
Bavuttiyude Namathil portrays the life of people in Malabar area. Mammootty plays Bavutty, a chauffeur in a wealthy household. He is in fact much more than a driver; he solves several problems of the family. He is very much part of the family. For Sethu (played by Shankar Ramakrishnan), his employer, life is all about making money, but Bavutty is a simple man with small dreams. Kavya Madhavan plays Vanaja, Sethu's wife while Kaniha appears as Mariam, a house-maid. Rima Kallingal plays the role of Noorjahan, a tuition teacher. The story takes on a twist when Vanaja's ex-lover shows up.

Bavuttiyude Namathil
Bavuttiyude Namathil

The movie received a good response from the audience and critics, mostly praising Mammootty and Kavya Madhavan's performance.
Malayalam Net Gave a good rating of 3/5 and said "Bavuttiyude Namathil is simple, light hearted and feel good movie filled with really good performance from all the lead actors which make it watchable twice".
Theater Balcony Gave a rating of 80 % and said that "At the end this Bavutty will make us laugh, think and even force us to drop a few tears. Watch it. There is no tell tale heroism, there is no “punch” dialogues and yet Bavuttiyude Naamthil with a simple down-to-earth story, wonderful screenplay, good direction and acting will remain as one of the good films of this year".
India Glitz gave a good positive rating of 7/10 and said that "This Bavootty is cliched, but engrossing".
Metro Matinee Gave a positive review and said that Mammootty-Ranjith-Gs Vijayan Marks a Good Malayalam Cinema in the name of Bavutty. gave positive rating 4/5 and in review they praised the performance of Mammooty and Kavya Madhavan. They also saying its a watchable movie Said that people will surely like Bavutty. 
Smitha From One India gave a positive rating of 3/5 and said that Bavuttiyude Namathil is a fell good movie. 
Unni R Nair From gave a extremely good rating of 3.5/5 and said that Bavuttiyude Namathil is an Impressive Film and Defenitely worth a watch. Gave a extremely positive rating of 3.5/5 and said that "I’m going with 3.5/5 for this heart touching ‘Bavutty’. Nothing great about this movie but surely worth seeing and you will not be disappointed."
Paresh C Palicha of Rediff Gave a rating of 2.5/5 and said that says Mammootty gives us a fine performance in Bavuttiyude Namathil and it is Watchable. 
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