Ente malayalam movie

Ente is a gritty gruelling story that will stay with you and make you feel extremely uncomfortable about the society of which you are a part of. Cinema has always been a medium for a momentary escape from reality, but Ente is not some fictitious piece of work that you will forget after sometime
Provocative, shocking and surprisingly tender amidst an explosion of unbridled emotions, “Ente…”(Mine…) explores the consequences of sex trafficking, testing the vulnerability of trust in human relations. Srinivas(Siddiq) is a wonderful and devoted father to Durga(Anjali Patil), and he provides her the best. Working in the city and maintaining his family in a small town works well for him for years. One day everything is shattered when Durga comes unannounced to the city to appear for an interview concerning her college admission. Durga’s life is brutally torn apart as Srinivas wrestles with grief, remorse, self pity and guilt. Ente marks the malayalam debut feature for Anjali Patil. The filmmaker Rajesh Touchriver of the “In the name of Buddha” fame has specialized in innovative pictures that takes challenging risks.The film stars Siddiq, Anjali Patil, Lakshmi Menon, Ratnashekhar, Anup Arvindan, Nina Kurup, Warren Joseph and Sunil Kudvattoor. The cinematography is by the very talented Ramathulasi with Rajiv Nair as the art director. Don Max is the editor. The fantastic music and Music is done by Shantanu Moitra of the ‘Three Idiots’ fame.
Ente (Malayalam: എന്റെ ) is a 2013 Malayalam film co-produced, written and directed by Rajesh Touchriver. It features Siddique, Anjali Patil,Lakshmi Menon,Nina Kurup etc. The soundtrack was composed by Sharreth,the background score was provided by Shantanu Moitra.