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Mohanlal, appearing in different forms at different places, makes acting look so effortless with his dazzling array of talent. However, there is a sense of dejavu in that he has been seen in such roles many times in the past and he has not been given any challenging tasks by the director.
Kavya Madhavan, petite and pretty as ever, does her role reasonably well but Meera Nandan appears here and there without much to do.
Manoj .K.Jayan too is rather lethargic and does not reach any level of intensity. Saikumar and Shammi Thilakan were impressive.
Others in the cast carry out their tasks without too many hassles.
S.N.Swamy’s script is dramatic and thrilling but it could have provided more substance to the characters.
Director Joshiy has given his best to bring some credibility to the proceedings. Dialogues are ineffective and do not create the impact intended
Pradeep Nair’s camera work is watchable and the lens mops up plenty of close-ups and cutaways.
Ratheesh Vega’s music has not emulated the success of the hot favourite Aattumanal Payayil" heard in Run Babby Run.

Story Lead
Lokpal starring Mohanlal and  Kavya Madhavan, hits the theatres on today (January 31). Mohanlal as Nandagopal runs Nandoos Foodcourt , known for its excellent cuisine, and people flock in great numbers to dine and taste the delicacies cooked and served by Nandu. But unknown to others, Nandagopal, besides being a chef, has another facet to his character. He runs a secret tirade against smugglers and tax evaders and the different ways he adopts to fight the culprits form the highlights of the movie. The hapless victims are left dazed and powerless, as they have no way to account for the money stolen from them. Kavya Madhavan is a doctor who used to be close to Nandagopal. But that did not  prevent Nandu from making a foray into his ex-girl-friend’s house either. His methods of robbing and his intentions form the crux of the story in Lokpal.
First half of the movie is little bit slow, but the 2nd half is amazing .With a bit more passion from its makers, Lokpal could have gone the whole distance however, the presence of Mohanlal and making of veteran filmmaker Joshiy make it worth your while to visit the theatre.
RATING : 8 / 10 

Directed by                      :  Joshiy
Story,Scren play,Dialogue : S. N. Swamy
Produced By                    : Vijayans and Vimal Kumar
Executive Producer           : Pradeep Chandran
Director of Photography   : Pradeep Nair
Lyrics                               : RafeeqAhamed
Music                               : Ratheesh Vega
Editor                               : Syam Sasidharan
Production Designer         : Sabu Pravadas
Art Director                      : Joseph Nellickal
Project Designer               : Hari
Production Controller       : Seven Arts Mohan
Costumes                         : Pazhani
Makeup                           : Hassan Vandoor
Action                              : Super Subbarayan
Chief Associate Director   : Shajie Padoor
Chief Assistant Director    : Jamal
Assistant Directors            : Sajan.R. S , Nithin C. C Associate
Art Director                      : Shajie Naduvil
Chief Art Assistant            : Makesh V.M
Associate Camera Men     : Kanaka Raj , Shibu K
Production Executive         : Sethu Adoor
Production Managers         : Jayan Iringalakkuda, Suresh Mithrakari , Esthan
P.R.O                                : Vazhoor Jose
Out Door Unit                   : Merryland
Stills                                  : Rajesh
Publicity                            : Collins Leophil
Distribution                        : Ashirvad through Max Laab
Release Date                     : 31-JAN-2013
Cast      :Mohanlal, Manoj K Jayan, Saikumar, T. G. Ravi, Shammy Thilakan,
              Thambi Ramaia, Krishna Kumar, Sivaji Guruvayur, Pradeep Chandran,
              Baiju Trivandrum, Baiju Jose, Kavya Madhavan, Meera Nandan,
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LOKPAL Malayalam Movie Review