Shakeela Comming Back in Malayalam as a Director

An unexpected new director arrives on the Malayalam film scene.There has been an influx of new directors of late in Malayalam films, and guess who is the latest one to enter the film scene? It is none other than actress Shakeela, who would soon direct a Malayalam film titled ‘Neelakurinji’.
 ‘Neelakurinji’ will also have Shakeela playing a lead role in it! Shakeela who had acted in several soft porn films in Malayalam had commenced a craze that was hitherto unwitnessed in Malayalam films. She had gradually disappeared from the scene after the demand for such films dwindled over the years. She was last seen in a cameo in the film ‘Tejabhai and Family’.
Shakeela says that ‘Neelakurinji’ will be a film that will entertain all kinds of audiences., and that the film will be shot on a low budget. Let us see how the actress fares as a director.