Unlock Vodafone ZTE Mobile Broadband USB Stick K3770-Z and K3772-Z

This is for 2G and 3G USB sticks,,,

Vodafone ZTE Data Card can be Unlock manually in just 3 minutes, just you need to follow the simple5 STEPS given bellow, for your kind information yet there are no unlock software available in net. As Vodafone is very popular mobile operator in India and have large number of customer all over India. Currently Vodafone is leading GSM and 3G service provider with satisfied customers. 3G is completely new in India and most of operators start their 3G service in India. All mobile operator also released 3G dongle(usb stick or data card) to access 3G internet service that is widely available now with good downloading speed. Vodafone also have some good quality 3G data card to get 3G on laptop and computer(PC). Previously Vodafone launched K4505, K3565 and K3570 USB modem. Now latest dongle from Vodafone is Vodafone K3770-Z ZTE and Vodafone K3772-Z ZTE  version with 7.2 Mbps downloading speed and 5.7Mbps uploading speed.

STEP1Insert any SIM other than vodafone to data card.

STEP2: Within 2 minutes you will get a dialog box  tells you "sim not recognised, please create connection setting manually"

STEP3: Wait  for few minutes, your device (modem) will detect network of that SIM card without anyunlocking process. if 2g network detected GREEN LED will blink, if 3g detected BLUE LED will blink, if no signal RED led will blink.

STEP4: But Vodafone default software will not permit you to connect any other SIM card than Vodafone, so just follow either of the bellow two steps you will get connected to acess the internet.

STEP5: GO to task bar, you will find one icon with tower symbol or monitor symbol, near time and date show in system,

             a)click on it
             b)you will find MOBILE BROADBAND CONNECTION with signal indicator,
             c)right click on it, you will get two option connect and properties,
             d)select the properties, you will get one box, in that  you select network or any option to
                such a way that you need to give APN(Access Point Network) as 
                if your sim is
                AIRCEL give aircelgprs
                airtel give airtelgprs.com,
               vodafone give gprs,
                IDEA give internet,
 for other network you contact respectet customer care, they will provide APN name
                Note: except the APN dont change any thing and give OK,
             e)again right click on MOBILE BROADBAND CONNECTION and Select CONNECT,
                you will get connected and enjoy browising, and even in the software also connected, but
                you cannot connect directly in software, this step will not work in week signal or low
                network,  if not connect you go for next procedure

 STEP5: Currently, there is no direct solution to access this modem using other SIM card, but we can use this modem without any software using Windows Dial-up feature.
                a)go to control pannel (small icon view) and select PHONE and MODEM and remove all showing modems with REMOVE button and add your device with ADD option, close window.
                b)go to control pannel (category view) and select NETWORK and SHARING, in that you selects DIAL UP CONNECTION, press NEXT, if show your added modem select and press NEXT, you will get one box, in that box you need to select only APN dial up name and dial up number, don't touch any other thing except those two, leave user name and password as it is.
        Network                               Dialup number                          Dialup                
        aicel                                   *99# or *99***1#                     aircelgprs
        idea                                       *99***1#                         internet or ideainternet
       vodafone                               *99***1#                                  vbn or gprs
        airtel                                      *99***1#                                 airtelgprs.com

after you typed above, you just press DIAL option, you will get connected and Enjoy
YOU CAN ALSO: for dial up settings you need to contact your respected cousomer help line, if you put aircel sim call aircel care, if airtel call airtel care etc, just ask then that you taken general modem, give me dialup setting, they may tell story that you need to take seperate modem sim only, if so, tell them that you are connecting via mobile, give dial up connection.

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