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'3Dots'- 3 dots represent three, so said, abandoned lives, Louie, Pappan and Vishnu, who find the meaning of life through companionship. These 3 dots, in principle, represent three tenses, Past, Present, and the future. Going through episodes of humorous and thrilling events, with many twists and turns, and a suspense filled climax.

3 Dots revolves around the life of three criminals who meet at the jail and later become friends. Vishnu (Kunchacko Boban), Louis ( Biju Menon) and Padmakumar( Prathap Pothen) who had to spend a part of their life in jail for various reasons, found comfort in their relationship which add more glitters to life. After getting released from the jail, the three decide to away from their past while prefer to do live like normal human beings. Vishnu starts an ambulance service; Louis gets attached to a driving school run by Grace (Anjana Menon) while Padmakumar starts a day care to earn for their living.

The three dots represent three characters in the movie while incorporating them together in a symbolic way. Padmakumar or Pappettan (Pratap) represents the past; Louis (Biju) represents the present while Vishnu (Kunchacko) is the future. When standing separately each dot represents a full stop, but when joins together it indicates continuation.

Narain who plays the role of psychologist Dr. Isaac adds oxygen to the life of three after released from the jail. Avan Ivan fame Janani Iyer is the lead heroine enacting the role of Lakshmi, a teacher who keeps Padmakuamar's day care centre active. Sugeeth had given full dedication behind camera to keep the script alive which was written by Rajesh Ragahvan. Filled with humour and thrilling expeditions, 3 Dots will have twists and turned coupled with an interesting climax.
3 Dots, the 45th malayalam movie to get released in 2013 has a couple of reasons to be get noticed much before its release. After the bravura run made by 'Ordinary', the team is back with another extra ordinary movie to woo the fun loving audience. Sugeeth who worked as associate with Kamal for Gramaphone till Aagathan had changed the fortune of many actors with his directorial debut 'Ordinary'. Made with a budget of 3.5 Crores, the movie collected 15 Crores at box office was the 2nd Blockbuster out of 4 in 2012. The movie gave a real break to the Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon and other lead actors to keep their foot strong in the movie industry.

Kunchako Boban and Biju Menon who had proved their onscreen chemistry with 'Ordinary' and 'Romans', are ready to enthrall the viewers with '3 Dots'. Prathap K Pothen who had made a real comeback with '22 Female Kottayam' would join them to keep the theme of the movie active. As the name suggests, '3 Dots' walks through the life of 3 people scratching into their mysterious past, present and future. 


The lead characters played Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon and Prathap Pothen are criminals who are trying to reform their lives due to advice from a criminologist (Narein). The trio decide to start a day-care as well a mobile ambulance. From then they go through different adventures leading to a few twists in the second half.
Coming to performances, once again Biju Menon was at his rocking best bringing the house down with his typically funny style of dialogue delivery. He had a mass intro as well which got a fantastic response and will get the claps in the days to come as well. Kunchacko Boban and Prathap Pothen complete the trio and they were also very good. Narein has also done a neat job after a very disappointing cameo in ‘Kammath & Kammath’. Sugith’s direction is good and the humour has worked out very well through out. The humour hasn’t slackened at any point which means that it is paisa-vasool entertainment. On the flip side, the pace in the 2nd half is comparatively slower to the first half which is excellent. The female lead isn’t impressive while the music also is a setback. The lags in the 2nd half means that the film’s length is affected
So, on the whole, the ‘Ordinary’ team is back with a bang!! Barring a little lag in the 2nd half, the film is a full-on comedy entertainer that is sure to be lapped up the audience. Kunchacko Boban-Biju Menon combo seem to be unstoppable at the moment. Grab your ticket and Enjoy!

3 Dots Malayalam movie Review | 3 Dots Malayalam Movie Preview | 3 Dots malayalam Movie Theater Collection Report | 3 Dots Malayalam Movie Releasing Centers | 3 dots Review | 3 Dots Box Office Report | 3 Dots First Show Report
This film directed by Sugeeth. Kunchacko Boban in the lead role with Biju Menon, Prathap K. Pothan and Narain play supporting roles. Tamil heroine Janani Iyer will play the female lead. 3 Dots is being produced by B. Satish and Sugeeth under the banner of Ordinary Films, and will reach the cinemas in March.
Good movie but not so interested as Ordinary, previous blockbuster of sugeeth.
RATING: 8 / 10

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