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Guinness Pakru directing a malayalam movie named, Kuttiyum Kolum. Guinness pakru now know as Worlds smallest film director.
Vinayakan (Guinness Pakru) is the son of Sekhara Menon and Subadra of Ezhamala family. They belong to the village of Kumarapuram. Sakti (Aditya) is Sekhara Menon's adopted son.

Vinayakan and Sakti shared a good rapport with each other. The villagers called them Kuttim Kolum. Vinayakan is Kutti and Sakti is Kolu. Vinayakan overcomes all his debilities with the help of Sakti.

kuttiyum kolumVinayakan's marriage with his cousin Indu was already fixed by the relatives long back. Indu's family returns from Bangalore and the events that follow plots the rest of the story in a humorous way.

Guinness Pakru and Tamil actor Aditya play Kutti and Kolu respectively. Sanusha plays Indu who is the heroine in this movie. New face Leya is also doing an important role.

Vijayaraghavan, Suraj, Babu Nambootiri, Munna, Nirmal, Ponnamma Babu, Sankar, Menaka are also included in the cast. Suresh and Sathish script the story by Pakru himself. Bijibal tunes music for the lines of Vayalar Saratchandra Varma.

Vinod Bharti is the cinematographer. Ansar Vasco produces this movie under the banner of United Films.

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