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The theme of the movie is centered on the life of Ranjith (Jayaram) who aims to become a rich man. To become billionaire, Ranjith foresee two ways; take lottery tickets or to become a movie star. Falling too short of his dreams, Ranjith meets junior artist Janaki (Rachana Narayanankutty) and their friendship later ends up in marriage. Ranjith and Janaki who were not ready to compromise other than becoming rich thought of another plan. The idea was to think about surrogacy- an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a kid for a different couple or individual. Moving forward with the idea, Ranjith and Janaki meet Dr Joseph Chittilappally, an infertility specialist and share their purpose of visit. But what they expected didn't carry out as the couple land in trouble finding no way to get rid of it. The movie travels through funny events which are to be followed later.
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The lead character Ranjith wants to be somewhat a billionaire, but with limited recourses, he finds no way to reach there either by purchasing lottery tickets or acting as junior artist in films. He along with Janaki, his wife and a former junior artist continue their journey in search of their wisdom. As these are their conditions, they wished their lone daughter to study in an International school nearby, which needs huge sum of money. Adding to their misery, Ranjith faces obstacles to get loan for starting a new business. While it was in to this that Dr. Joseph Chittilappilli enters with a mission to find a good looking lady that will make his clients, a U.S couple happy for being a surrogated mother to their child.

At last it was Janaki who shown her willingness to do the job and received half of the money as advance. And this was the decision that became a turning point to their life. With the American couple decided to disclose their married life, Ranjith-Janaki couple didn’t received the remaining money, but instead got on child which they never wished to have. But, things were not going in the way as they ought to be. With receiving back to back fortunes, they knew one thing that, he is their lucky star.

 Movie’s theme cannot be considered as a newly founded one with a lot of freshness in the concept. But, the way Deepu Anthikkad’s thought goes itself is very encouraging. The credibility of the movie’s tagline “Seriously humor”, was apt considering that we audience too was moving along with the movies moods. The movie never lapsed much time to build up the characters. We all will laugh without taking a second mind to the harmless, at the same time though provoking jokes. Whether in Kerala or Chennai, an average Malayaly couple pursues same wishes. The struggles that Ranjith and Janaki undergo in search of the amenities and education for the child are good examples. At the same time, they want to exaggerate more than what they have actually to others. Okay, that was it. On the other side, we can see the fragilities of relationships that the west possesses. How simple was it to broke up and give up their wishes for a child.., hardly acceptable. The way Janaki responded to surrogacy was a bit itching. But, since no one in the movie is highlighted as ideal ones, it was passable.

How hopes turns to reality is the first portion of the second half. Everything happened in quick time. From rags, they reached the top of the table, may be only because of their lucky star kid according to the movie. There seemed to have a possible rivalry between those two kids at their home. While, everybody cared and bothered about the younger brother aka lucky star, the elder one getting guilty was visible. But thank god, those were not the matters that happened to be in the mind of the director. Somewhere in between, movie got the real mission, or task. Maybe highlighting the value of motherhood, or being a mother. Or maybe to highlight the values that our culture possesses, and edge out that of the west…! The unknown man who recites “Thirukkural” may be is a symbol created by the director himself.

 That doesn’t mean that I completely agree either with the movie or the climax. Though, the makers might have their own justifications, it made a feeling of final victory standing with the imperfect one or culture, to me at least. Hmm.., the scatting competition towards the climax too was unconvincing, but caused no serious injuries to our cinematic experience.

Movies dealing similar kind of issues in Malayalam are Mohanlal’s “Dasharadham”, Jayasurya’s “Shakespeare M.A.Malayalam”.  Even “Vicky Donor” from Bollywood too deals a similar kind of situation, or the other side of the story.

Performance: Jayaram has showcased the character Ranjith with his usual mannerisms and witty one liner. He is there with a touching, natural and emoting performance so is Mukesh. Rachana too does her part well and was in well synch with that of Jayaram. Her performance would remember you of the serial “Marimayam”. Over the roof acting or melodrama was not at all a matter of concern as far as this movie is considered. The kids too added glitters to the movie as a whole. Pooja as the lady residing in U.S was good enough with a convincing performance.

Technical aspects: Camera by Vijya Ulaganath was good and induced nothing that could distract the attention of the viewers. Editing wise, it could have trim the item song, and…, nothing.

Music:  The songs were all average, with the item number casted a spell of annoyance, while the peppy number was catchy.

Script: like said earlier, the story by the director himself moved well in pace and caused no major crisis to the movie. It was indeed a good experience seeing the people sitting near you wiping tears.

Direction: Note that he has the influences of Sathyan Anthikkad, like usage of good dialogues, socially relevant story. He fared well enough to catch your attention.

Verdict: Not with a second thought, it is advisable for those who want to see a genuine movie along with your family and see things other than what it seems to be. While exiting the theater, it was raining outside, a rain of fresh hopes. - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles! - the best dating site for successful singles!