Saint Dracula Review

Rupesh Paul's Saint Dracula is set in the 20th century with Dracula falling in love with a nun who is apparently being used by the Catholic Church to conspire against the vampire, and chipping in with some modern blood are the FBI. The movie promises a rich mix of suspense, romance and action.
British actor Mitch Powell will play the vampire, with Patricia Duarte, Daniel Shayler, Suzanne Roche, Anna Burkholder and Lawrence Larkin comprising the cast.
The movie, touted as the first ever Indian production to be exclusively shot abroad with foreign actors, is being produced by Biz TV Network.
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Director-Rupesh Paul
Producer-Biz TV Network
Cinematography-Francois Coppey 
Editor-Ajay Devaloka 
Makeup-Lucy Goulding 
Costume Designer-Nicola Parle 
Line Producer-Chris Martin
Lyrics-Sherine Catherine 
Music Director-Sreevalsam J Menon 
Stills-John Guy
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