The Unknown Face of the "Nation of Smiling Peoples": Lanka…..A Black Story

The Unknown Face of the "Nation of Smiling Peoples": Lanka…..A Black Story
The issues in Sri Lanka is not a new one. But  now the US getting ready to take a new Resolution against Lanka in UN assembly.
This time all the eyes are on the India Government. What will india do.
The UN Human Rights Council has documented over 12,000 named individuals who have undergone disappearance after detention by security forces in Sri Lanka, the second highest figure in the world, since the working group came into being in 1980. The Sri Lankan government has confirmed that 6,445 of these are dead. Allegations of human rights abuses have not ended with the close of the ethnic conflict.
Sri Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian ocean off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in south Asia. Known until 1972 as Ceylon,
Sri Lanka was once called the paradise. But in modern times, for the past nearly 30 years it has been plagued by bloody ethnic conflict that has claimed thousands of lives, despite continued peace efforts.
And now starts a big strike on Tamil Nadu, for maintaining peace in Lanka. All the Political Parties, Tamil Eezham Supporting groups, and the students federations are jointly together in strike now. According to the reports from the Sri Lanka, its also so brutal conditions in there against Tamil peoples.
The issues between Sinhalese and Tamils are now a big problem. But no countries and political parties are yet to be take any strengthful actions against issues.
We saw in the end of last year a big strike on delhi, for hanging the Suspects of the brutal rape and murder of a girl in Delhi.
But like that and even more brutally so many girls are raped in Lanka day by day. No one knows that. The medias at Lanka and other countries not even reports much more yet.
Several peoples lost their homes, Several girls lost their virginity, Several childs lost their parents……..,
The encounter of Veluppilla Prebhakaran , and his son is so brutal. There is no human rights in there. Once , any country push any of disciplinary actions against Sri Lankan Government, then there is chance to end this all….
At least 40000 Tamil civilians could have been killed in the final phases of the Sri Lankan civil war, the expert panel report to UN secretary general Ban ki moon has said “A Number of credible sources have estimated that there could have been as many as 40000 civilian deaths. Two years after the end of the war, there is still no reliable figure for civilian deaths, but multiple sources of information indicate that a range of up to 40K civilians death cannot be ruled out at this stage, “the report said , under a section titled, The number of Civilians death. The civilian death caused by multiple factors including incessant shelling of the ‘No Firing Zone’ (NFZ) by government troops.
The key master of all these brutal and rude attacks against Tamil peoples in Lanka is the President , Mr. Rajapakshe.
At last All the parties and College Students across Tamil Nadu have intensified their protests, demanding that india move a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN’s human rights body meet to press Colombo to acknowledge commission of genocide against its Tamil population.
These crimes needs to be an end….these brutality needs to be an end…..
But when and how………., that is a big question…..
The below picture will says, what’s happening in there , much more than my words…….

Here we are joining to the strike…………for a peaceful future of my Sister’s and Brothers at Lanka…
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