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Outstanding Movie: The movie revolves around Kunjanandhan (Mammotty) and his obsession towards his shop. After the critically acclaimed Adaaminte Makhan Abu, this movie did carry loads of expectations mainly due to his collaboration with Mammotty. In order to understand or connect with the theme of this movie, you need to see the shop as a very important character. Those who can't will fail to understand the soul of this effort because the film is about their deep-rooted relationship. How this relationship plays a role in Kunjanandhan's personal & social life forms the crux of the cinema. During the first half, we can see Salim using a pinch of black comedy to portray the relationship between the couple which was a fresh experience. Also he takes a dig at the society through Kunjanandhan's eyes. 
Kunjananthante Kada Review
One of the features of his narration was Salim doesn't spend extra footage to establish a particular relation alone and yet he comes out with a cut n clear image. The brilliance of the script lies on its unpredictability by not showing any leniency towards a point. Here Kunjanandhan is portrayed extremely realistic with positives and negatives. Its upto the viewer to determine the positives and negatives. Normally we see such characters displayed as heart of gold. Just like he portrayed his characters, he doesn't opt for the stereotyped approach by blaming Govt for the land acquisition. Such instances are extremely rare in current cinemas. One of the highest point of this movie is Salim's eye for detailing. The village and the happenings do play a vital role which you will understand as the story gets developed. One such shot is the puddle in front of the shop when Kunjanandan mentions about the rainfall on last day. Also I loved the way a small message was conveyed in a symbolic manner through a rat. The dialogues with Kannur dialect were quite fine.
Cast & Performance :
Mammotty delivered his best performance in recent times which stands above Hajiyar of Palerimanikyam & Pranchiyettan of Pranchiyettan & The Saint. The dialogue delivery (using Kannur dialect) and expression during the vital scene was an epic moment. Also during points where we feel the movie is losing its steam,we see Mammotty supporting the movie on his shoulders with his topnotch performance.
Nyla Usha's supported Mammotty extremely tremendously as his wife,Chitra. The chemistry within the lack of chemistry of the lead characters was enacted by the duo brilliantly.
Balachandran Menon's extended cameo performance was good.
Yavanika Gopalakrishnan finally got a meaty character in Big Screen as Kuriakose.
Salimkumar delivered a cakewalk performance eventhough his wig looked a bit out of place.
Siddhique as Nambiar did a great job. Then it have a lots of unfamiliar faces delivering fine performances in supporting roles
Songs & Background Score:
Main negative of this movie is the placing of "Shararaanthal..." which wasn't required in this movie. Even though the melody was placed in bits n pieces, it really didn't find a place since the director has established the marital relationship. Another song was played during the end credits. Issac Thomas's background score carried his identity and delivers a different experience especially the theme music.
Technical Expertise :
The brilliance of a veteran like Madhu Ambat eventhough it reminded the frames of Adaaminte Makan Abu, especially the night shots. Vijay Shankar's editing was crisp and helped the narration. Resul Pookutty's sync sound work was brilliant and never created a laborious experience for the viewers to hear the dialogues along with the background noise. Jyothish Sankar's work is evident from the shop and its detailing.
Blacks >> Placing of "Shararaanthal..." which wasn't required in this movie.
              >> Some Unwanted scenes makes first half lagging
Whites >> Same like other classical movies, Mammootty made a superb performance.
              >> Nyla Usha made her first onscreen role perfect. On screen we don’t accept that she is lived in Dubai (Nyla working as a RJ in an FM in Dubai).

              >> Resul Pookutty's sound synchronization, Jyothish Sankar's work is evident from the shop and its detailing, Madhu Ambat’s frames, Vijay Shankar's editing are awesome.
If U have a taste for an outstanding serious cinema conveying a beautiful message in an unconventional manner with zero commercial ingredients and moving at a leisurely pace, the movie is highly recommended....especially to witness one of the best performance from Mammotty & brilliance from a promising filmmaker, Salim Ahmed.
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