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“D Company” is a set of three different tale of thriller stories written and directed by three directors.. While, movie had its moments, prepare to be patient; because, if you don’t have enough patience, there are all the possibilities of becoming a violent patient in theatre halls.
The first story, “Oru Bolivian Diary 1995” is set in the backdrops of naxalites or the so – called people by mainstream media. Chinnan (Asif Ali) was a tribal youth during the above mentioned time – 1995. As he befriended with Chowkidar (Samuthirakani), a noted convict in the list of police forces, Police started to haunt him. Chinnan, however decided not to let the force to catch Chowkidar. And what happened in those times has been digged out by a journalist (Ananya) of present time.
Gangs of Vadakkumnathan” – this one could be considered as an investigation thriller movie where a police officer, Akbar (Anoop Menon) was assigned the duty to find out the culprits behind the heinous act of murdering a big brewery industrialist and taking away a sum of INR 750 Cr from the man. He then journeys to Thrissur, since the ones he needed was there. He met and had discussions with Varal Jaison (Jayasurya), Shaji (Deepak Parambol) and a big gold merchant. Then there follows some incidents through which we are shown the activities unknown to the public, like that of whitening the black money and the kind matters.
Day of Judgment” could also be considered as an investigation thriller movie where the game of mind too plays. Dr. Sunil (Fahadh Fassil) is yet to recover from the sudden and accidental death of his wife Jeena (Bhama). He however ran into trouble as the cops found out a dead body at one of his villas. As he undergoes an extremely stressful and traumatic state of time at police station is what the movie has depicted. However, the murder mystery too is resolved in the process.
In terms of script and execution, each movie differed from the other two. What they had in common was the curiosity of one of the characters to resolve some unknown truths. While in “Oru Bolivian Diary 1995”, a young journalist mysteriously followed a police officer to trace out what happened for a tribal youth, it is respectively Anoop Menon and Thanusree Dutt who comes after others to resolve murder mysteries. None of them were successful in catching everything in detail. In the first segment, we are shown the life circle of a tribal youth after which he met a Naxalite leader. But, in fact what is the role of that journalist in this process is yet to be found. As we are unaware of any particular relationship between her and that of either the tribal youth or the naxalite leader, the kind of enthusiasm and emotions which she exhibits remain confused. There were volleys of mistakes in the movie, right from the use of language. While at some times, we see Chinnan speaking with a tribal dialect, there were many instances where we could see him speaking normal language.
The second segment “Gangs of Vadakkumnathan” was in fact the only movie which has shown justice to the taglines – an action packed movie. Like all other Anoop Menon scripted movies, this one too has had its share of sex, but was more of a violent one. Lot of blood shedding scenes was in the movie. And we at times wonder if this is the actual thing which is happening in our own Thrissur. But, what the movie lacked is a definite mission which the central character suffered throughout. While at times, we see him as a genuine police officer, there were many times when he was found suspiciously involved in many other duties. As far as the name of the people included, we are having a doubt – how the Malayalam film script writers become this much confident in depicting real life characters on papers. The audience doesn’t need to think twice to know whom the characters represent on the screen.
The case with “Day of Judgment” however is a bit sad thing. Even having the best story out of the three, movie still lacks to create the kind of appetite in us. By bringing and mixing the past and present frames each other frequently, movie confuses us a lot. Also it was disheartening in seeing the director using this kind of time in narrating a single story. Particularly that police station instance was a pure piece of unnecessary detailed narration of matter. But, amidst all these problems, the genuine idea which they brought is very good. The variation in the mood of characters were all convincing and this segment could have been better a lot more given the scope which it had.
D Company review | D Company boxoffice report
Performance Analysis
 “Oru Bolivian Diary 1995” had Asif Ali, Samuthirakani, Ananya and Aadukalam Naren doing pivotal roles. Nobody has shown any serious act. But, Naren’s performance was refreshing as his is a relatively new face in Malayalam.
“Gangs of Vadakkumnathan” had Anoop Menon, Jayasurya, Unni Mukundan and Deepak Parambol doing important roles. While Anoop Menon received the most screen space, it was Jayasurya who captured the attention with more punchy dialogues. Deepak Parambol too did a decent job. bbut Unni seems to be trying to act like Salman Khan in Bollywood movies-Almost single expression throughout the movie.
Starring Fahadh Fassil, Bhama and Thanusree Dutt, “Day of Judgment” was excellent in terms of screen acting by them. Fahadh did a commendable job by portraying a character of various hues. Bhama as the frightened wife of Fahadh and Thanusree’s as the brilliant cop did their jobs convincingly.
Technical Analysis
“Day of Judgment” once again wins the race here. By giving various tints of colors as the mood of the movie changes, the cinematography section of this movie did a pleasing job; while the other two ones too did reasonably good jobs.
 Ratheesh Vega’s music from “Oru Bolivian Diary 1995” though were good failed to ignite fire in our mind. The BGM of Rahul Raj in “Day of Judgment” too was a nice experience.
Three different stories, belonging to three different types. There was a typical Anoop Menon style to “Gangs of Vadakkumnathan”, Padmakumar’s work in “Oru Bolivian Diary 1995” was slow as a snail. It lacked the required charm. Also both of their scripts remained lot of questions in our minds.
Vinod Vijayan’s story was the pick out from the rest, though he didn’t utilize it maximum. Even after having an endearing storyline, he kept elongating the duties further.
Respectively done by Padmakumar, Diphan and Vinod Vijayan, those movies suited for different tastes. While Padmakumar yet again disappointed with slow narration, Diphan offered some entertaining moments though his segment. The lack of care given to the details was the villain here.

If the lack of care given to the details was the villain in the earlier one, it was the over detailing which became the most destructing element in Vinod Vijayan’s direction.

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