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The much awaited Mammootty starred movie Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus released over 73+ theatres in kerala today (12/09). The movie has Honey Rose and Sanam Shetty playing the female leads. This is the first time both them are playing opposite the megastar. G Marthandan, who has been assisting many profound directors, is making his debut venture as a director on this movie.
Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus will have Mammootty playing the role of Cleetus, a theater artist. With long hair and grown beard, Mammootty is also seen with a new makeover in this film. This is his third makeover in the same year. Later we saw Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty had him with a clean shaven face. His last release Mammootty as a common man in Kunjannathante Kada. Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus is produced by Faizal Alleppey under the banner of Achappu Films. Rafeeq Ahamed has penned the lyrics for this film and Biji Bal has composed the music. Though Mammootty's earlier flick Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty proved a failure at the Box Office, his Kunjananthante Kada recovered the loss. Hope that Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus will help him to come out with success till his next movie Balyakalasakhi gets released.
As an Onam movie, it has its own benefits to make a good collection report, but initially it only released in 75 theatres. And not have a good marketing strategy to reach more viewers.
Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus tells the story of a 'Cleetus' goonda, who accidently gets selected to play the role of 'Jesus Christ' in a light and sound show to be played during festivities. What happens to 'Cleetus' and those surrounding him when the events in the life os 'Jesus' starts repeating in life of 'Cleetus' too.
The film which was promoted as Comedy-Mass entertainer fails to justify both genres. The first half is intersting thanks to the unique characterization of Mammootty, something similar to the role in 'Kanalkattu'. But once the initial excitement is offer the film offers nothing much, even for the fans.absolutely nothing much happens in the second half. Whatever little suspense the writer created in the first half fizzles in the later half. The climax also is a big let down.
Direction was average at its best. Most of the 'attempted' comedy scenes fell flat thanks to the director (like first scene, Siddique's intro etc). Script fails considering the genre or rather publicized genre of the movie. Many of the Dialogues were mediocre too.
The film is by no means boring. Considering the lack of any expectations, is not disappointing either. You can watch if there's nothing else to do. Fans can watch it for the different 'attempt' by Mammootty.

These are the quotes made by the makers of this product. This inturn reflects the quality of the product as well as the confidence in the product by the makers itself. Nowadays its some kinda sin to watch some movie with expectations. But even if the makers didn't make such claim, I wouldn't have entered the hall with huge expectations mainly because of the scriptwriter, Benny P Nayarambalam. Eventhough he looks better than Udaykrishna-Sibi K Thomas, still he has to depend on the formula to set a script.Here the film starts off in a surprisingly promising note with watching moments. But once Mammotty makes an entry, the writer & director falls into the image trap. Now we can see scenes just made to boost up his mass image without caring the storyline. Now if its the storyline, then its old as hills. From what I saw, its a weird mix of Naran,Swarnakireedom & Chamayam. Now I don't want to detail on where I felt mainly because I really don't want to spoil the viewing experience of those who are planning to spend money on this. The biggest problem with the formulas is if the director is not competent enough, it will be a tedious experience watch. You have to just accept the scenes without sparing a moment to think. Almost all the repeated commercial ingredients like double meaning comedy/adult jokes, action sequences are there. Now going further to criticize this movie is an absurd move because the makers themselves claimed to go without expectations. But nothing can stop me saying regarding one of the climax scenes I have ever seen...It wasn't mass....It was lengthy, absurd and over the top.On positive note, the first half is a fine watch if you really don't with expectations. Some light hearted scenes are there that can keep you engaged. Other than that, there is nothing to be mentioned about.Direction - Marthandan wants a commercial success. So he made such a movie as a debut film. Except the cross border illiterate gunda with a flash back murder sequence, this film carries all the deja vu moments the off late Mammotty commercial movies like Thaapana,Maayavi etc etc. Adding to that, each time Mammotty is shown on screen, we can see a slow motion shot mostly from feet to top. Thankfully, he didn't make Mammotty to deliver lines using a weird dialect of fake voice. A good thing he did is that he ended the movie within 126 minutes.Cast & Performance - Mammotty, with his long hair, has nothing special to do other than lock & unlock his hair bun. For those who saw his last movie, the way the makers used this actor in this movie is nothing but a cardinal sin. Suraaj seems to have learned from his mistakes and started to perform in a manner which doesn't irritate. While Aju Varghese has taken the role of what Suraaj used to do earlier by playing Mammotty's side-kick. Hony Rose was absolutely wooden while Vijayaragahvan has to play the role of a cop once again. Siddhique was fine as Father Sunny while P Balachandran did a fine job. Tasneem Khan seems to be in an image trap by playing the role of a flirtatious role once again. The rest of the cast comprises of Rejath Menon,Kailash,Abu Saleem,Anoop Chandran,Vinayakan etc etc etcSongs & Background Score - None of the songs were impressive.
In first half, the movie lags so many sequences. But it overcomes the second half with good part of mammootty’s performance.
Some of the comedy scenes are not covering the situations actually. And some of the characters doesn’t have any performable roles.
Music doesn’t have anything special. When we hear the songs, it feels that we heard it somewhere else.
Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus Review

In one line:
Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus, doesn’t have anything new to prove. It’s a common story we already heard, but a strong screenplay and makeover of mammookka makes it best as a Watchable movie