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Fahad Fazil’s 'North 24 Katham' narrates the story of a journey by 3 strangers Harikrishnan (Fahad Fazil), Gopalan (Nedumudi Venu), and Narayani (Swati Reddy), through Kerala, on a 'Harthal' day & the incidents that tooks place on course. Harikrishnan is an IT professional. Gopalan is a yesteryear Marxist & Narayani a social worker.
It also the journey of Hari in which he breaks the shell which he himself created around him and finally gets a feel of the life & word out there.
North 24 Katham marks the debut of musician Govind Menon, who is a member of a popular band. Four out of the five songs have been composed by Govind, and the youngster shows great promise for sure. It is only once in a while that you come across something completely fresh, and the song Porumo is one such. It opens with a delightful guitar riff and other sounds including that of Indian instruments, add on slowly. The upbeat feel remains throughout the song, and the energy doesn't dip even once.
Raghu Dixit's raw voice complements Bijibal's bits in the middle, and all in all, addiction is guaranteed. Tharangal is a breezy song with a lilting melody, and the vocals by Siddharth Menon and Jeba Niyaz, both members of the same band, are impressive. You get a sense of deja vu with Pontharam, which has a consistent disco music in the background. The English and Hindi vocals in the middle make it interesting and the catchy song is sheer energy.
Thanaro, the title song, has been composed by Rex Vijayan, and has a reggae touch to it, with some traditional tunes on electrical guitar woven into it. Sreenath Bhasi delivers the vocals, and the video featuring the actor musician is a fun watch. However, as in his earlier compositions, the composer has included a chorus humming in this one as well.
N24K is a nice, slow, breezy entertainer which begins as a typical New-Gen film, but later changes its track. The main highlight of the film is the performances of the lead cast. Nedumudi Menu was excellent as Gopalettan, especially in the climax portions. Fahadh Faasil once again has given a superlative performance as the IT professional. Swati Reddy also was good. All the supporting cast were very efficient. Premgi Amaren who comes in a cameo, with his typical punchline, wins claps.
its a different entertainer that may not be of every body's liking.
The story line is similar to Steve Martin starrer Planes, Trains & Automobiles, which film like Anbe sivam.
First half is slow but its gets in track on second half.
Director who is also the writer have adapted the screenplay according to our conditions and discuss some socially relevant issues.
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