Thira Releasing Date | Thira Malayalam movie Preview

Thira third film by Vineeth Sreenivasan as a director. The movie has lot of specialties. Vineeth is all set to introduces his brother Dhyan Sreenivasan into the industry with this movie. Moreover, actress Shobana is making a comeback into the industry with this movie. And also the Hindi transilation of dialogues are done by Vineeth Sreenivasan ‘s wife Divya. The movie is getting released on November 14.
Thira is the first movie to announce that it has a trilogy series. The movie is the first thriller movie by Vineeth Sreenivasan. The official trailer of the movie, which was released last month, is still getting very good feedback from the audience. The trailer of the film clearly depicts the intensity of the thrilling experience one is going to have while watching the movie.
Thira Releasing Date
Thira is produced by Manoj Menon under the banner ReelsMagic and it'll be distributed by LJ Films.

Off screen crew is almost the same as we saw in his past movies. Screenplay for this film is done by Vineeth’s cousin brother Rakesh Mantodi. It's his first film as a writer. Shaan Rahman doing music. Thira is not one film. It's a trilogy. Its Part 1 will be releasing in 14 November 2013. Part 2 and Part 3 will follow...."
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