Aarambam Box Office Collection Report | Aarambam Review

The story moves around the bomb specialist Ashok, played by Ajith and Sanjay (Rana) who sail in the same mission. Sanjay sacrifices his life during the mission and media honours him for his daring battle against the terrorism. Ashok smells something mysterious behind the death of Sanjay and tries to find out the people involved behind it. Ashok’s efforts are spoiled and how he takes revenge with Nayanthara and Arya forms the crux of the story.Ajith plays the villain role in the first half of the movie which is said to racy with many action sequences. Ajith has been always applauded for his negative shade and Aarambam too has something which fans may adore him in his character. Arya is equally good in the movie with his amazing performance while Taapsee Pannu plays his love interest in the film Aarambam. Ajith, as a one man army rides with racy action scenes in the first half of the story Aarambam which is said to be the highlight. Ajith's dialogue delivery and his screen presence are major highlight in the movie.The director has given another powerful role for Ajith which he has done with perfection and style. Ajith and Nayanthara have shared a great screen presence as ever. 
The second half of the story is predictable and drags little but with good screenplay. The movie has excellent scenes though some compare it with Hollywood Swordfish. Aarambam songs visual looks pleasant to watch on screen while the BGM could have been much better. Aarambam is expected to cash-in with decent collections at the box office in India and at overseas on its opening first day. The film Aarambam is getting positive word of mouth from overseas like Srilanka, Malaysia, USA and other Countries so far. 
Overall, a racy action revenge drama with promising storyline. Extended Diwali festive for all Ajith fans!
Rating: 3.5/5