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Kareena Kapoor Khan, Imran Khan, Punit Malhotra
OneLine Tag: Gori Tere Pyaar Mein- A sensible entertainer

Imran Khan plays Sriram Venkat, a selfish city boy who can't think beyond himself. His worried parents want him to settle down, so the next best bet is to push him into an arranged marriage and hoping that may set his life on track. Sriram is introduced to Vasudha (Shradha Kapoor) who he likes at first sight but she doesn't want him to say yes to the arranged proposal because she loves someone else. Sriram starts narrating his ex girlfriend, Dia's (Kareena Kapoor Khan) story to her.

Dia wants to contribute to the world, she is an active social worker and that's the only thing on her mind all the time. After bumping into her when she is in action, they both start seeing each other. Obviously since they are totally different from each other, there is bound to be a conflict. All the fun parts are only before the interval.

Post interval Dia has moved to a village where she helps villagers and is satisfied with her simple village life, Sriram obviously wants her back and hence he goes all the way to the village. Dia won't leave till a bridge is constructed over a river that links the village to the more developed parts, so far the villagers have been using a make-shift bridge made of rope.
gori tere pyaar mein review
Obviously rom-coms shouldn't be taken very seriously, so I won't do that either and to be fair, this one does entertain in parts.
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  • Kareena Kapoor Khan

She just steals the show, her character is well written and she keeps you entertained throughout by doing her job convincingly.
  • Imran Khan

Imran suits the role, he has tried hard and it has worked to a certain extent. He plays the city boy very well but it's tough for him to pull off the over the top herogiri.
  • Music
music by Vishal - Shekhar is average. Tooh, Dhat Tere Ki and Chingam Chabake are catchy numbers and must add that Dhat Tere Ki is indeed very well shot.
  • Overall

Little bit feeling less of entertainment but somehow it’s a movie having some sensible story..
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