Philips and the Monkey Pen Review | Philips and the Monkey Pen Box office Collection

Philips and the Monkey Pen- A Must Watch Movie of 2013
A  good movie which touches your heart and conveys some very important messages our society deserves.
Story Line
Ryan Philips is a class 5-B student at school, and lives with his mom (Sameera - Remya Nambeesan) and dad (Roy Philip - Jayasurya). Ryan's close friends are Innocent P Varghese, Raman and Jahangir who are with him for whatever trouble he makes and has three enemies, one being mathematics, other being the teacher of the same subject - Pappan Sir (Vijay Babu) and Decimal (one of the brightest student of his class). Finding it difficult to deal with Mathematics, Ryan faces several problems in his school life, mainly from Pappan sir and Decimal. Ryan falls in love with Joan (his classmate) hoping her to solve the mathematics homeworks for him. He proposes her, but for Ryan's disappointment, Joan turns it down pointing out his failure in studies. Things take a U turn when Ryan happens to stay with his grandfather (Richard Philip - Joy Mathew) for two days. Returning home, Ryan finds a Monkeypen in his pocket, which had been missing from the antique collection of his grandfather. The Monkeypen is supposed to be a magic pen which helps it's owner to solve difficult situations in life. With Monkeypen in hand, Ryan gains popularity in school and among friends and teachers. Then follows a series of happenings in Ryan's life which transforms him from a naughty brat to a well-mannered and smart boy.
Philips and Monkey Pen FDFS review
First half of the movie Philips And The Monkey Pen drags a bit, but is well-balanced with astounding visuals, great background music and many nostalgic moments that might remind you of your school days.
The second half picks up well, travels in a slow pace which keep the viewers engaged to the screen and ends up as a beautiful movie, close to heart.

Regarding performances

Ryan Philip (Master Sanoop, Actress Sanoosha’s brother) is the show stealer. His expressions assure us of a future star. All children have given a wonderful performance.
Another notable one Jahangir, friend of Ryan. His mannerisms and one liners will make you laugh out loud.
Jayasurya has less screen space, but whenever he appears on the screen, he is a treat to watch.
Remya Nambeesan, doesn't disappoint and perfectly portrays the character of the Malabari Muslim lady Sameera with Malabari slang.
Vijay Babu as Pappan Sir was good. Though his dialogues and expressions in the first half seemed a bit 'forced', the second half was well-balanced with neat act.
Joy Mathew as Richard Philip (Jayasurya's dad) and Mukesh (Principal) have done justice to their roles.
Innocent makes his comeback to the industry through a small, but pivotal role.

Camera work by Neil D'Cunha is outstanding. From the opening shots itself, it is evident that this man has got some great talent.
Another commendable section in the movie is the musical department handled by Rahul Subramaniam(Brother of Actress Remya Nambeesan). All four songs are good and hummable, while the background music perfectly syncs with the theme of the movie and is pleasing to the ears.

On the whole it is a perfect team work under the Direction of debutants Rojin Thomas and Shanil Muhammed

Philips And The Monkey Pen is worth your time and money. A movie to be watched by teachers, students, parents, friends, lovers and more.

The story is charming without being overly sentimental or manipulative. It keeps the audience in good humour most of the time. The only complaint is that it lapses into existential philosophy once in a while.