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In Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela', the legacy is double-barreled. There is not only the weight of the Romeo-Juliet saga (which the director acknowledges as inspiration in the credits), there is also a huge overhang of the Ramayan: the hero is called Ram, who is sent to 'vanvaas', and he returns to fight for all that is right on the day of Dusshera. And because he is also Romeo, he fights for his love. Only Sita is called Leela.
The result is equal parts exhilaration and exhaustion. Bhansali's 'Ram-Leela' is mounted as pure spectacle, no surprises there, because that is his style. The setting is the Rann, in Gujarat. The warring clans, the Gujju versions of the Montagues and Capulets, are attired in costumes where not one thread is out of place. Each scene is meticulously designed: the desert, the havelis, the swirling ghagras, the spurting of the blood. It gets to the point where you start feeling breathless, and that is exactly what Bhansali intends, for you to get encircled by his universe. And in that he succeeds. I was swept up by the way he builds up the love story, between Ram (Ranveer Singh) and Leela (Deepika Padukone). Where he fails-- his old failing-- is in the insistence on every little thing being perfectly choreographed: a messy love story requires messy emotions, and Bhansali doesn't ever let his gorgeous Leela's tears streak down her cheeks. No leaky nose, no hiccups, just back-lit loveliness, which becomes too perfect to be real.
Story Line
Ram (Ranveer ) and Leela (Deepika) aren’t supposed to fall in love coz they are from two different communities who have been fighting with each other for 500 years. But they do… at first sight. We can’t blame Mr Singh; Ms Padukone looks absolutely gorgeous throughout in her desi avatar. The lovers are left with no option but to elope. However, their families manage to find them and Ram and his Leela are forcefully taken back to their villages. Things change drastically after Ram replaces his father and becomes the don of the Rajhadi community. In between, there is lot of fighting, killing and politics. You hear a gunshot in every scene, expect for when Ram and Leela are together and then all your hear is the sizzle of steam. Though Ram and Leela believe in the power of love, they are dragged into the mess and before you know it, they become rivals. Leela becomes the leader of her community, the Sanedo. Does this mean that the love story comes to an end? You have to watch the film to know that.
Once again Deepika Padukone delivers a good performance, as was expected. However, Ranveer is the surprise package. Bhansali has managed to get the best out of him. If DP charmed with her graceful moves and beauty, Ranveer has given a solid performance. From his dialogue delivery to his comic timing, the young actor gets it all right. And how can we forget the chemistry that he shares with his co-star! There are quite a few kissing scenes, but they have been shot aesthetically. There are a few scenes where Singh completely overshadows Deepika. In one, Ranveer says, “ Ab hum dushmani bhi nibhayenge, pyaar se.” Though Dippy is present in the frame, all you see is SLB’s Ram. His presence is so strong and charismatic. Also, his shirtless act is visual treat. Supriya Pathak does full justice to her villainous role. After a point, you actually start hating her. Richa Chadda, Barkha Bisht, Sharad Kelkar and Gulshan Devaiah have played their parts well.
A dreamy colorful entertainment love story with an excellent execution. Goliyan Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela is surely worth watching. Besides Ranveer and Deepika’s performances, Bhansali’s music is captivating. While the story of the film is not extraordinary, Bhansali’s brilliant execution is what makes it special. Priyanka Chopra’s item number is nothing less than exotic – it’s like icing on the cake! Watch this one for stellar performances, great music and because it has been shot beautifully.

Rating : 9 / 10