Who is next Shah Rukh Khan

Who is next Shah Rukh Khan...?, The answer of this question is little bit tough. But now it is simple than else when Shah Rukh Khan himself answered for this grand question. King Khan, who is ruling the Bollywood industry, says he sees the next Shah Rukh Khanin his son AbRam.
Who is next Shah Rukh Khan
"Each year, we run after to achieve something big, may it be big films, awards ... I know it is all important and its been 22 years and I have decided to focus on small things. In the race of catching big things, we miss small things," SRK said.

"This year, I want to spend time with my children. I look forward to spending quality time with my children. They are growing older and getting busy in their own lives, so I am trying to get into it. So, I have dedicated this year for small little happiness, " he added.

The actor who has achieved everything in life says on the professional front he has not achieved everything.

The King Khan the simplest man, having india’s biggest studio complex, biggest film making company and after all his “Name” is also a big brand business... Lets wait for the next SRK....