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Bicycle Thieves didn’t put much efforts to make it a clean entertainer. Maybe because of the inexperience of the director movie only eligible to be called as a passable flick, which otherwise could have earned rave reports if treated with a different way.
Having lost his parents at the tender age, Kunchacko (Asif Ali) lives in his cousin’s home and become unable to cope with the partiality faced there. Somehow he managed to get out of the hell from there not with free hands, but with the bicycle of his cousin’s. He reached the thief’s gang led by Boss Prakash (Salim Kumar). Along with Boss’s two assistant boys Rameshan (Saiju Kurup) and Rahim (Bineesh Kodiyeri), Kunchacko make the gang top contender for committing top bicycle thefts. Well, with Rameshan (Saiju Kurup) introducing a plan to theft INR 3 Cr from Pattaru Swamy (Sai Kumar), with the help of his driver Mathews (Devan),it was the time for a game changing for the gang.
Some tussles occurred between them splits the gang and then we are shown Kunchacko dealing with small time fraudulent works later on and lives along. He then gets acquainted with Kashinathan (Vijay Baby) and Meera (Aparna Gopinath) and this however has proved to be yet another game changer for him. From there onwards, it is a sequence of some interesting twists and turnings in the plot and the movie engages throughout since then.
Bicycle Thieves malayalam movie Review
Having said about the movie’s plot,it had all the possibility of emerging as a winner with the battle against all the odds. First of all, the movie has scored maximum during the last some minutes and with the introduction of some interesting changes occurred in the plot as well as in the quirks of pivotal characters. But anyhow, movie had elongated the whole process horrendously during the initial some hours till this phase. Also, the portions such as Kunchacko enacts that of Mamootty from Kalikkalam movie bulged out from the rest as an unwanted material. The execution of his thieving too never matched the logics or common sense of audience.Well it is high improbable to count each and every faults committed by the makers of this movie.
It is true that making thrillers are an extremely tough job, especially since a whole lot of classics could influence both the movie making as well as movie watching experiences. Yet, ‘Bicycle thieves’ manages to keep your nerves trembling during the last turmoil. If you analyze the technical support availed by the director, you could see that the departments such as cinematography and editing never managed to produce an outstanding piece of work. On the other hand, they just moved according to the needs and situations of the movie. Also, the last few minutes looked crispier by the whole round involvement initiated from the part of these technical departments. The connection of various plots and characters looked great at the end.
The screenplay has had the scopes to create wonders and was successful in weaving various elements, but was amply filled with deteriorating stuffs such as irrelevant actions as well as songs. So in general, the script has pasted various hues and shades. Well, the execution part too was handled with both goodness and badness from debutant Jismon Joy. If he managed to crack the nut at one part, it was an indefinite state of art on the other hand. The zigzag way of narration should have been mended with appropriate medications. It is not significant to mention the musical department as it didn’t catered any exceptional works or BGM.
And looking at the performance from the lead cast,it is Asif Ali who has been there throughout in the movie. And in fact he has survived this role without many injuries,which at times felt like gripping out from his hands. It was yet another above average performance from him. On the other hand, the case with heroine Aparna Gopinath was not bad at all. She ably conveyed the role of Meera with required energy.And when it comes to the act of Vijay Babu, he has quite made it possible to achieve a wholesome entertaining experience by portraying the character of Kashinathan with élan.

Rest of the cast including Saiju Kurup, Salim Kumar, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Sai Kumar, Devan have all been successful in communicating with the audience. So, want to call this one an average flick….! Yes, pretty much surely you could watch this movie in a time pass manner.
RATING : 6/10
Box Office : Average Collection on Starting Days