Drishyam Malayalam Movie FDFS Review | Drishyam Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report | Drishyam Review

Drishyam Malayalam Movie FDFS Review | Drishyam Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report | Drishyam Review | Mohanlal's Drishyam | Meena
Drishyam is a Family entertainer, In which superstar Mohanlal potray's the character of Georgekutty a common family man struggling for daily breads. We can see Mohanlal completely as a down to earth Character without any stardom. Yesteryear actress Meena will seen pairing opposite with Mohanlal. It would for the 7th time that the successful pair, Mohanlal and Meena joining together for a project.
Story Line
 Georgekutty is an orphan by birth, he discontinued his studies after fourth. Due to his hardworks he earned 5 acres of rubber plantation. later he married a tenth failed girl Rani(Meena) from a poor family. GeorgeKutty and Rani is blessed with two daughters Anju and Anu, thery are very good in studies. He shares a cordial and amiable relationship with his two childrens. Suddenly all of his happiness came to an end, when Georgekutty and his family lands in a trouble. Movie story takes a new turn from there on. Drishyam is directed by Jeethu Joseph after the megahit movie Memories, and is produced by Antony Perambavoor under the banner of Ashirvaad cinemas. Drishyam's Soundtrack and background score is composed by Anil Thomas and Vinu Mohan. Cinematography is handled by Sujith Vassudev.

The big two expectations behind Drishyam movie are Jeethu Joseph - After mega hit Memories. Mohanlal - From the stills we could make out the energy in him which was lacking in most of his recent movies.

Film starts of showing Antony. He was there for some time and felt this guy will spoil the movie. But immediately came a simple intro of Lal which suited the movie. Then the film goes on with Lal's movie craze, his cable tv business and his family. Also his tears seeing Amaram's climax and saying dialogue to Meena and all has come out well and it will make u to give claps to the two big M’s.
The film moves own with an interesting twist in the interval. The film stops with a big question mark in front of George Kutty on how he will save his family from the debacle that happenned.

2nd Half is all about Georgekutty's well planned attempts to save his family from the debacle that happenned. Training his family towards it, and tying together all the loose ends. It is really thrilling and people are just glued to the screen through out 2nd half.
Direction and script has been completely successfull in getting the viewers compeletely engaged with the movie and it thrills us to the core. It is basically like a game which Georgekutty plays with the Cops based on what he has learnt from the movies. The game ends with an interesting climax which has come out really well and was well received by the audience. Then the film goes on to focus on the family sentiments of two kids which again has worked out well and viewers can feel the emotions of those parents.

Mohanlal - After a long time we are seeing him in a likeable role and the actor in him has come back.
Meena – She made her come back amaizing
Others : The child actors both them done their role with above average performance.
Direction and Script - Excellent. There could be some loop holes in the script but it never affects the flow of the movie
1st Half comedies are mostly double meaning. And the family scenes are makes some lagging

Rating – 8.5 / 10

Tag Line : Overall a nicely executed family thriller with superb direction and superb performance from all actors. Must watch for lovers of thrillers and Family entertainer
Drishyam Malayalam Movie FDFS Review | Drishyam Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report