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Rajesh Nair's Escape From Uganda is a thriller movie.
Shikha Samuel (Rima Kallingal) and Jayakrishnan (Vijay Babu) are lovers who flee to Uganda for a living as their love is not accepted at home. Shikha has a friend Angel Mathews (Tashu Kaushik) there, who is running a modelling firm. Jayakrishnan finds a job at a hotel with the help of Firoz (Mukesh), their friend who is working as a lawyer at Uganda and Gautham (Joju George), who is an architect. Shikha, with the help of Jayakrishnan and Angel, sets up a fashion designing boutique. Their life goes fruitful with the birth of Meenakshi. 
Angel Mathews and Oldra (daughter of Mayor at the place) gets killed a day and Shikha is framed guilty of murdering both. Jayakrishnan with Firoz try for the bail to get Shikha out of jail. On the course, Jayakrishnan meets Antony (Parthipan), who offers him a helping hand to escape Shikha out of prison. Disaster strikes again when Firoz gets shot dead at his office and without anywhere to go, Jayakrishnan seeks the help of Antony. The remaining plot of the story deals with the struggles of Jayakrishnan and Shikha to escape from Uganda.
Escape From Uganda
Performances Analysis
Vijay Babu and Rima Kallingal are good. Vijay Babu as Jayakrishnan is still in the improving stages of acting, while the character of Shikha Samuel is all safe with Rima. Parthipan as Antony is good in style and some one-liners, but fails when he is assigned to deliver comedy. Joju John as Gautham, Mukesh as Firoz, Tashu as Angel Mathews and all other foriegn actors have done justice to their roles.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography by Vishnu Sharma is just too awesome. This youngster proves to be much promising among young cinematographers. Music by Varun Unni is just okay. Two songs in the movie doesn't make an impact. BGM by Gopi Sundar is exceptional, but over used. Rajesh Nair deserves an applause for the effort to make a decent thriller. The main positive of the movie is its length. Cut short just below two hours, the movie doesn't give much scope for boredom. Dialogues of the movie are okay, some of them being in English and Swahili are supported with subtitles.
Watchable entertainer with a new story and background place.
Rating  :  7 / 10