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The Seven days before marriage, Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal makes a different touch-up by laljose and dileep.
Story Line
Aby (Dileep) is a successful ad film maker and is about to get engaged to Ann (Parvathi Nambiar). He comes to know from his childhood friend Abid (Harisree Asokan) that his ex lover Sini (Rima Kallingal) is living at the same place.
Aby decides to go to Sini's house and invite her for the wedding. Sini is married to Alex (Murali Gopy), a boxer by profession. On his visit to Sini's house, Aby forgets his cigar pack in her house which causes a series of problems. Within seven days prior to his marriage. Then after the movie says all about how Aby solving the problems.
Ezhu Sundhara Rathrikal review | Ezhu Sundhara Rathrikal Releasing Date
Performances Analysis
The main highlight of the movie is Dileep’s Comedy. He is as Aby and his timings and expressions are unmatchable.
Rima Kallingal as Sini has yet another good role in her career.
Parvathy Nambiar as Ann makes a decent debut .
Murali Gopy as Alex gives out a fine performance.
Others : Harisree Asokan (Abid), Sekhar Menon (Vivek), Tini Tom (Franco), Praveena (Daisy), Vijayaraghavan (Varghese), Prasanth (Baiju Raj) have done justice to their roles.

Technical Analysis
Cinematography by Pradeesh Varma was excellent in most of the scenes.
Music by Prashant Pillai is good as two songs of the movie is appealing and BGM blends well with the movie.
James Albert, who has done the scripting, has done a decent job, as the script doesn't disappoint and comedy in the movie is worth laughing.

Lagging of the script could be felt nearing the first half and at some other scenes.
There are some scenes where you felt missing of Lal Jose touch in the movie.

 Tag Line

Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal is a good movie which makes you laugh and make you to fell a touching story