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Vishudhan is a different treat from both Vysakh and Kunchakko. Vishudhan can be easily explained as the transformations that a man undergoes in his life. Sunny (Kunchako Boban) is the newly appointed priest in a village, where he meets with a nun Sophy (Mia George) who is the helping hand for the helpless at Snehalayam, a shelter home run by the church. Vavachan (Hareesh Perady), a landlord who also runs a Medical College, supplies poor people to Snehalayam, where they are not well taken care and after death, the dead bodies are given to medical college for study purposes. 
Sunny and Sophy turn against Vavachan, which in turn forces Vavachan to set a trap on them by framing charges of immoral relation. Sophy loses nun position, and with no one ready to protect, Sunny himself decides to take care of her. Rest of the movie deals with the clashes among Sunny and Vavachan, forming up some intense sequences towards climax.
Performance Analysis
Kunchako Boban as Sunny is the pick among actors. He has portrayed emotions that the character demands, quite well. Mia George as Sophy gives out a decent performance, but still have to improve much. Nandu, yet again gets a good role through Jose, which he has acted to near perfection. Shaalin Zoya as Anumol is too good in her act and is much impressive. Other characters Hareesh Perady as Vavachan, Krishnakumar as his son, Lal as pokkiri achan, Suraj as Thomas too have portrayed their roles well.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography Cinematography by Shehnad jalal is not a wonder, still have its charm at parts. Music Music by Gopi Sundar is just okay as only the song "Oru Mezhuthiriyude" is appealing. Neither the BGM nor the other songs could make any impact. Vysakh has tried his best to give out a different film as he promised and did he succeed in it. Vysakh dared to take up a different sensitive theme, which could have backfired, but he has handled it well without crossing the limits.
 A new approach from Vysakh, but its not much interesting like his previous ones.
Rating   :  6.5 / 10