Salala Mobiles Critic Review | Salala Mobiles Box office collection Report

Debutant director Sarath A Haridasan "Salala Mobile" got released today (23 jan). Its a typical malabar love story.

Afsal (Dulquer) is a teenager, who has finished his studies and living a lazy sleepy life without getting into any job. His mother Safi (Geetha) is much worried about his future and persuades her brother Salaludheen to advice Afsal. Salaludheen asks Afsal to start a business and tells him he will fund for the same.
Afsal with his childhood friend Binoy (Jacob Gregory) begins a mobile shop near parallel college and names it Salala Mobiles. There, he falls in love with Shahana (Nazriya), a degree student, but fails to express his love for her in fear. In the meantime, on a trip to Coimbatore for getting mobiles at wholesale rates through his friend Hari (Sreekumar), Afsal meets Alagar Saamy (Santhanam), a programmer and application devoloper, who gifts him with a mobile call tapping software, which he claims to be untraceable. Afsal and Binoy, for fun, begins to tap calls of people who approach them for recharges. Adding to the list, they tap the calls of Abdul Manaf, a friend of them who boasts to be in love with Shahana. Things take a turn when common people approaches police complaining about phone tapping and Sidhique (Ajay Chacko), Commissioner of Police, starts the hunt for bringing out those behind tapping. Will police be successful to trace out the culprits? Will Afsal succeed with his love?? Answer lies in the rest of story.
Performances  Analysis
Dulquer Salman as Afsal is good with his role of a lazy innocent teenager. Though his mannerisms remind us of his previous flicks, Dulquer has tried his best to live through his character.
Nazriya Nazim as Shahana is good at her expressions, but leaves a space to improve at emotional scenes.
Jacob Grigory as Binoy is successful to render some one-liners to produce some laughs here and there.
Rest of the cast including Sidhique, Geetha, Sreekumar, Santhanam, Tini Tom (Venu Master) have done near justice to their roles.

Technical Aspects
Cinematography by Satheesh Kurup has nothing much to offer, but maintains decent visuals throughout. Music by Gopi Sunder is good throughout the BGM portions, whereas the songs turnout to be just OK. The script by director himself has nothing much to offer for the viewers other than some one-liners. The core climax portions of the movie can be placed on the negative side along with many other negatives as it just gave a feeling - the director tried hard to end the movie all of a sudden and didn't even justify or clarify the purpose, the whole movie was made for.

Futurecreater Box Office Verdict

As the impact of song sequences through youtube, and other media's, the opening of "Salala Mobiles" is worth one. Morning show is crowded all over with the presences of 90% of youth audience. Released today (23 Jan) is not a holiday, and not any other off day and the next days is also the same. Saturday and Sundays have a chance to increase the collection. But not expecting any high growth. 


As a kind of movie if you would like to laugh for some one-liners, and some pleasing BGM, then salala mobile is worth to watch . But comparing to recent releases and the weak points in the flow of storytelling makes a big disappointment.