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Boban Samuel is back with his latest flick Happy Journey, a movie dealing with the life of a blind cricketer, with Jayasurya playing the protagonist. Though the movie is thoroughly enjoyable in the first half, it becomes dull in the second half as the script is totally messed up.
 Story Line
The story of Happy Journey is all about Aaron (Jayasurya) and his life journey. The story unfolds through flashback scenes narrated by Aaron to Siya Sidharth (Aparna Gopinath), who he meets on a journey to Chennai. Aaron, son of Alice (Lena) is a hardcore cricket fanatic. Knowing about his passion for cricket, Alice seeks the help of John (Sunil Sukhada), a cricket coach, to train his son.
On the go, Aaron gets selected for under 15 cricket tournament, but everything takes a turn when he loses his eyesight following a road accident. But Alice and Aaron refuses to give up and they try again for getting him selected in Blind Cricket team. On the day when Aaron was all set to go to Bangalore to join All India Blind Cricket team, Alice dies and following this Aaron gives up his desires for playing cricket. He gets a helper job in a hotel run by Easop (Idavela Babu). Freddy (Balu Varghese), an artist who plays side roles in TV and films, is the cousin of Aaron and a helping hand throughout. The cricket team of the area, coached by John inspires Aaron to try again for getting selection in the blind cricket team of India. Getting selection to the team, Aaron meets with the newly joined coach of the team, Gopikrishnan (Lal) who has been struggling through different jobs after giving up his job as a cricket coach in his earlier life. Rest of the story deals with Gopikrishnan with Aaron and the cricket team members struggling through different phases of life to achieve their desires.
Happy Journey Review | Happy Journey Box Office Collection | Happy Journey Critic Review
Jayasurya as Aaron gives out a splendid performance. He acts the character of a blind cricket lover to near perfection. Lal as Gopikrishnan too gives out a decent performance. Aparna Gopinath as Siya has nothing much to perform in her role. Balu Varghese as Freddy is a treat to the viewers. Almost all his scenes with the Cochin dialect is laughter evoking. Srindaa Ashab as Aparna, daughter of Gopikrishnan, has also done her part well. Rest of the actors including Lena, Seema G Nair (Lis), Sunil Sukhada, Idavela Babu, Madhupal (Dr James Themmadan), Sasi Kalinga (Shukkoor), Chemban Vinod (Ganesh), Indian Pallassery (Pranchi) have done justice to their roles. Cinematography by Mahesh Raj is good. Though he could not work out the visuals to an exceptional level, he has managed well to hold them to a decent level. Music by Gopi Sundar is pleasing. The songs are well placed in the movie and background score suits the overall feel the movie tries to convey. The negative aspect of the movie is the script by Arun Lal. Though he has written the plot well through first half which amuses and entertains, the later half fails to impress. Many plots are messed up and confuses when and where the ongoing things are happening. Also the weak climax where some unwanted twist elements are stuffed into also falls flat. Direction by Boban Samuel was good and his best through the first half, while he couldn't manage it later. The best part of the movie is that it reminds us of the cricket team for blind, who are less considered and valued for.
Box Office Verdict
 With a better second half, Happy Journey could have marked its spot in the list of good movies released in the year so far. The movie stays average which can be watched with less expectations. For the last word, the journey which has been termed Happy is not that happy by the end.

Rating – 6/10