IBM Dismissing 15000 Employees Worldwide, About 6000 from India Itself | How many Peoples loss Job from IBM

IBM layoffs strike first in India; workers describe cuts as 'slaughter' and 'massive'
People broke down after seeing the inhuman treatment. Laptops along with the cases were confiscated, so several employees were seen crying and exiting building carrying and balancing their personal belongings with their two hands." 
·        "IBM STG INDIA is doing RA and it is very deep and numbers are huge."
"Just heard from a colleague in Bangalore that job cuts there have begun. Workers asked to leave on the spot. He claims 6 out of 23 people in his department."
IBM cutting 15000 employeesIBM's latest $1 billion "rebalancing," as described by its CFO last month, is underway. And the first country hit is India, based on reports from Blue Blue workers there on Tuesday. The so-called "Resource Action" struck in the country where IBM reportedly employs its greatest number of workers.
One employee describes the layoff process as a "slaughter."
The business unit hit is the Systems Technology Group - IBM's troubled hardware group which is selling its low-end x86 server business to Lenovo for $2.3 billion.
·        Workers were given little notice. Reads one note just sent to the union seeking to represent IBM workers:
"Job cuts in India STG. .Announced today including managers.Asked to return laptops with in 2 hrs and leave premises."
Other notes as cited below were much more detailed. All reflect sudden notices - and quick departures, with many reportedly being quite emotional.
One analyst has estimated that IBM will cut 13,000-15,000 of its more than 434,000 workers worldwide.
In India only it will affect more than 6000 peoples.
A similar action in 2013 led to some 3,500 job cuts in North America alone, with several hundred hitting IBM's North Carolina work force. 
"Slaughter House"
·        "STG Bangalore literally turned into a slaughter house today.
·        "Several employees were called to a meeting and RA'd.
·        "Their TPs were confiscated and they were asked to vacate premises immediately.
·        "Severance package was on an average 3 months basic component of salary, which is like 6 weeks full pay.
·        "RA per department as on today
·        SRDC 40%
·        Processors 15%
·        SRAM 80%
·        SSE Just began, final numbers not available
·        "RAs expected to last till friday.
"The fear is that HCM might be wiped off totally in a day or two. EDA and methodology numbers not yet available"
"People broke down after seeing the inhuman treatment.
"Laptops along with the cases were confiscated, so several employees were seen crying and exiting building carrying and balancing their personal belongings
with their two hands"
Two posts at the Alliance website also referenced layoffs at Bangalore, which is known as India's "Silicon Valley."
IBM employs more than 100,000 people across India, according to India media reports. IBM no longer discloses employee numbers by location.
"RAs Started in Bangalore"
Three other posts give insight into what's happening in Bangalore:
"IBM today had a massive layoff in STG bangalore more than 40% staff was let go off in a single day. Be it PBC 1 or 2 doesnot matter you are just asked to leave IBM premises by immediate effect. I fail to understand how joB cut will help management to achieve 20 EPS. The upper executives lack vision and clarity to restructure business process. Good bye to ibm hopefully will be in better place than ibm."
(Note: PBC refers to personal evaluations. EPS references IBM's target of delivering $20 per share in earnings by 2015.)
"RAs started in STG Bangalore, hearing that large numbers impacted. Will keep you posted on the details as i get them. the job market is reasonably good outside and the average experience here is about 6-7 years.people are not too worried. most were anyway sick of the company and its junk policies. -Bangalore RAs started-"
Sony Also said that they will cut off 5000 employees from worldwide and they are decided to stop producing Laptops, and trying to sell its Laptop area.

We reached out to IBM India spokesperson on this development but she refused to comment on the development right now. But some of the sources privy to the development confirmed that layoffs in sizeable scale have happened.
Reports suggest that the whole downsizing was called as ‘Project Apollo'. Unconfirmed reports suggest that IBM globally is expected to cut around 13,000 employees globally....and its started in india...

Again A Big Job Problem In India

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