Praise The Lord Malayalam Movie Review | Praise The Lord Review | Praise The Lord Critic Review

Praise The Lord, starring Mammootty, is the cinematic adaptation of Paul Zacharia's novella which bears the same name. The movie though may not please everyone to the full, still carries the feel of the novella and can be termed as an enjoyable family entertainer.
Story Line
The movie revolves around Joy (Mammooty), a planter hailing from Kottayam district who looks after his land and properties. Joy is married to Ancy (Reenu Mathews) and have two children. Joy is a simple, easy-going village man and has no much knowledge about the hectic metro life. Joy and Ancy share a deep bond of love which Joy tries to express even in public. 
Praise The Lord Malayalam Movie Review | Praise The Lord Review
One day Advocate Sunny (Mukesh), childhood friend of Joy, asks his help to hide Samkutty (Ahmed Siddique) and Aani (Akanksha Puri) in his house. Being pressured much by Sunny, Joy agrees to hide them. Samkutty, a firm believer in God, and Aani, a modern age spoiled girl who wishes to have an unmarried adventurous family life, fell in love with each other at a retreat center in Delhi, and later when their love life is threatened by Samkutty's father Kunjutty (Joy Mathew), they had to flee from there. Rest of the story deals with the struggle of Joy and others to hide the lovers and help them to live together.

Performance Analysis
80 % of the  movie is covered by the character of Joy portrayed by Mammootty. His mannerisms, dialogues and expressions are just superb.
Reenu Mathews as Ancy is good, she have lots of screen space but nothing to do in those much scenes.
Ahmed Siddique as Samkutty does entertain with his preachy dialect. Aakansha as Aani is just okay. Rest of the characters including Mukesh, Suresh Krishna, Joy mathew, Noby (Kulappuram Vakkan), Kalabhavan Shajon (Fr Antony), Indrans (Chacko) have done justice to their roles.
Technical Analysis
Music by Shaan Rehman is good. Two songs of the movie, 'Innaleyolam' and 'Sharon Vaniyil' are just hummable. But BGM of the movie is average.
Cinematography by Pradeep Nair is no wonder, but has its charm of the beautiful locations of Kottayam.
Weakness of converting such a best story of Paul Zacharia's novel into a screenplay.
Beginning scenes post interval lacked a grip, but later on went well.
Comedy scenes are not much good, some of them are copying from some other movies.
Background score was poor.
 The editing was pathetic and it really looked like those films were the censor board did some cuts.
 Hasty ideas were used for introducing the characters and the change in attitude of characters towards the conclusion wasn’t explained clearly. The dialogues are partially cliched.
The movie’s success relied upon the treatment rather than the fairly predictable climax (the twist wasn’t a real surprise) and the lack of juice in the making makes the movie an unimpressive one.
Overall Rating

7/10 , Beginning scenes post interval lacked a grip, but later on went well. On the whole, Praise The Lord can be enjoyed well if approached with less expectations